Don't bring your blues to our red states

There has been a huge influx of blue state people to red states in the past three years.

This is a good thing because the Democrat voters, the blues, see what is happening in their own states and want nothing more to do with it.

There is only one problem: do blue-staters know why their blue states are failing?  They may only be seeing the results of the failures such as high taxes, high crime, authoritarian shutdowns, masking, education pathologies, high gas prices, empty shelves, welfare hounds, and business-unfriendly policies that cause small business closures.  But the causes are liberal policies and liberal politicians.  Do blue-staters make that connection?

Moving to a red state is a relief for blue staters, but if they cannot connect their blue state pathologies to voting for Democrats, they are again going to vote for the same party that gave them their blue state blues.  It is imperative that blue-staters recognize that escaping to a red state to avoid blue state problems will do them no good if they persist in voting for Democrats, who, at first opportunity, will vote for the same blue policies they left their blue states to avoid.  It is imperative that every blue-stater who is not Republican not vote Democrat if they enjoy red state living. 

Don't bring your blue state liberal policies to your new red state.  If you hated being shut down, don't vote for Democrat governors who will do it to you again at the first sniffle.  Republicans don't do this, lacking the authoritarian gene.  Democrats do, though. 

If your blue state has high gas prices, do not vote for Democrats who believe that you should pay more for gasoline because green policies are the wave of the future and who will replace gasoline with green fuel, probably algae or kale.  Democrats will eventually legislate penalties for internal combustion cars and gasoline consumption.  They will probably legislate a consumption tax on homes using a certain amount of electricity or air-conditioning, and you blue-staters will be paying higher taxes than you want — again.  Avoid Democrat politicians and policies at all costs if you enjoy red state freedom, liberty, and free national well-being.

If you blue-staters hate high crime, do not vote for Democrat D.A.s (district attorneys) who will refuse to prosecute criminals if they are black but who will not hesitate to prosecute conservatives who protest or are white — or both.  Ditto judges.  Your crime rates will shoot up to your pre-move levels, and you will be left wondering what happened.  Make the connection between high crime and liberal policies, or don't move to our red state.

If you blue-staters abhor your politicians who insist you do as they say, not as they do, and who party at expensive restaurants and on yachts maskless while you must mask up, don't vote for a Democrat whose motto is "Let them eat Hot Pockets.  I'll take foie gras."

If your blue state shelves are empty, don't come to full-shelf red states and then vote for Democrats who will see to it that your shelves are empty again, that trucks won't move, your ships won't be off-loaded, baby formula will be scarce, and your goods won't be trucked to your markets.  Democrats do that stuff; Republicans don't.  Keep your vote red.

If your blue state is paying hundreds of thousands of people to stay home and not work, blue state businesses are no longer able to find workers, thanks to Democrat policies.  Don't come to our red state and vote for Democrats who will likely pay even more people not to work, and who will force our red state small businesses to close for lack of employees.  On the other hand, if you have a family business where you don't lack employees and whose members are hard workers, come here to our red state.  We want you.  We don't think hard work is to be eschewed because it is a white privilege thing.

Stay home if you're looking for a free ride on our dime.  This does not apply to people on welfare who legitimately are unable to work.  Those people do need government assistance.  Decent people have no problem with that.  But if you are merely unwilling to work, go away.  We don't need you raising our taxes for your sloth.

Democrats would be wise to make the connection between their Democrat voting habits and the bad things that inevitably happen to states where they elect these Democrats.  Just look at the map of high crime, higher gas prices, higher living costs, higher homelessness, and it is easy to see what dysfunction blue states inevitably bring.

Democrats, don't bring your liberalism to my red state and ruin it as your votes ruined your blue state.  Connect the dots, or stay where you are.  Please.

Image: Magog the Ogre via Wikimedia CommonsCC0 1.0

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