Dems think they have a winning issue with Ukraine

We are in a very dangerous moment, as Democrat politicians are looking at the conflict in Ukraine for political salvation.  In the face of disastrous polling on Biden's presidency and the direction of the country under Democrats, there is one shining issue where they think they see an opportunity.  Via Politico's Playbook:

— The latest WaPo/ABC News poll on the U.S. response to Russia's war in Ukraine has some good news for the White House: "The findings suggest that Biden's policies largely reflect Americans' preferences when it comes to the Russian invasion," write WaPo's Ashley Parker, Emily Guskin and Scott Clement. The toplines:

  • "In all, 73 percent say the United States is doing either the right amount or too little to support Ukraine."
  • "72 percent oppose the U.S. taking direct military action against Russian forces, while 21 percent support the idea."
  • "Even among those who say the United States is doing too little to support Ukraine, 57 percent oppose direct military action."

As Richard Baehr pointed out to me, this explains why Nancy Pelosi brought a group of Democrat politicians to Kyiv.

YouTube screen grab.

It is why Biden is asking for a breathtaking $33-billion aid package for Ukraine, the latest of several multi-billion-dollar supports for that regime (which has bribed politicians on both sides of the aisle).

Perhaps most importantly, the Dems see an opportunity to wash away from memory the stain of the bungled withdrawal from Afghanistan, which began the precipitous fall in Biden's polling support.

 Given the stakes involved in brinkmanship with Russia — whose nuclear arsenal is larger than ours — this is the wrong way to forge foreign policy and war making.

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