Challenging common beliefs about Ukraine

Last week, Volodymyr Zelensky received a standing ovation from the coiffed and perfumed snobs at the Cannes Film Festival for his outstanding performance as the Hero of Kiev.  His supporting cast of oligarchs and neo-Nazis were unable to attend the virtual event due to a prior engagement of either transferring money into private offshore accounts or torturing and brutalizing civilians.

YouTube screen grab.

Standing on the heads of thousands of brave Ukrainian soldiers, whose bodies lay rotting about the wheatfields of Donbas, along with the bodies of thousands of men, women, and children whose homes and schools have for the past eight years been bombed by the Azov Regiment and the other ultranationalist brigades under his command, Zelensky accepted his accolades in his customary battle greens and sporting just the right amount of manly facial hair.  Peering into the teleprompter, he moved his lips, and words came out, but they were devoid of meaning or humanity. 

Five thousand miles away, a cognitively impaired and ill-tempered septuagenarian was guided to a podium bearing the seal of the president of the United States of America.  Squinting into a teleprompter, he moved his lips, and words came out, but they were devoid of meaning or humanity. 

The people behind the curtain, pulling the strings of those two sock puppets, are deadly serious, seeking nothing less than world dominion.  Their private jets zip in and out of Davos.  There is no cost they would be unwilling to forcibly extract from the huddled masses of the world, who are but pawns to be moved around their chessboard...and, if necessary, even sacrificed for the cause.  A half-million lives here or there is — as the globalist Madeleine Albright once put it — simply the cost that must sometimes be paid. 

Meanwhile, they lull us to sleep with empty promises of unity and peace, sedate us with mindless pap on TikTok and Twitter, hoping we'll ignore the lawlessness and violence taking place on our streets, the grooming of our children in schools, and the laws being passed to enslave us. 

Meanwhile, the fruits of our labor are being confiscated in the form of taxes and used to empower an evil ideology whose depredations we were promised would "Never Again" occur, a scourge we were told had been wiped from the face of the Earth, but whose adherents have been hiding in plain sight this whole time.  And while the shock troops of today's Hitler Youth — Antifa and BLM — tear down the statues of our Founding Fathers and heroes of the Revolutionary War, monuments to war criminals like Stepan Banderas, who murdered 30,000 Ukrainian Jews at Babyn Yar in 1931, are still standing in places like Ellenville, N.Y., and there are streets and national holidays named in his honor.  The Nazis of today march under the banners of Azov, Right Sector, Svoboda, and C-14; their bodies are adorned with tattoos of swastikas; and their weapons, uniforms, and salaries are paid for courtesy of the U.S. government and the spineless wannabe globalists who infest D.C.  And our fathers and grandfathers who fought and died in that war are turning over in their graves.

Today, the citizens of a once great nation have devolved into a zombie hive easily manipulated by a corrupt media, so blissfully ignorant of modern history (which we get from Hollywood) that many don't even know that Russia was our ally and played a significant role in defeating the German army in World War II, and lost 27 million souls in the process, more than any other country.  Indeed, nearly every Russian family lost someone in that war. That's why the May 9 Victory Day celebration is so important to them, and why they march in the street carrying pictures of the dead every year on that day.

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