In wake of defeat by Labor Party leftists, Australia's squishy 'conservatives' seek party leadership

Australia is going to go hard left, with the left-wing Labor Party set to take over the federal government, likely in a coalition with the Green Party in the Senate, to obtain a majority in the upper house.  In the wake of its defeat, Australia's conservative party, confusingly named the Liberal Party, needs to pick a new leader to replace defeated prime minister Scott Morrison.  The media consensus has Peter Dutton, outgoing defense minister, likely to win the leadership.

Peter Dutton.

For instance:

As Anthony Albanese is sworn in as the 31st Prime Minister of Australia and announces his cabinet, the Liberal Party is now looking to vote for another person to lead then the opposition.

Peter Dutton, former defence minister, has emerged as a likely candidate to lead the opposition for the next three years. (snip)

"Until we have a field of candidates I don't know who the leader will be but I can only assume Peter Dutton is in the ranks," Liberal Senator Hollie Hughes told The Daily Telegraph.

"He's an absolute star performer and a terrific ­defence minister.

"He, like Scott, has been unfairly maligned, but those of us who know him know what an amazing guy he is."

But John McMahon, who watches Aussie politics for us from Queensland, Australia, cautions us:

Already the knives are out for him with comments such as being "inadequate", "stupid", "too far to the right" etc. In times past the Liberal Party did not have a "Left" faction; now we have defeated "Leftist" Liberals claiming that the Liberal Party had lurched too far to the Right as being the reason for the decimation and loss of probable 22 seats.

There are other "leftist" Liberals who are blaming the Coalition junior partner, the Nationals, for the Government being ousted; but as has been pointed out to them the National Party didn't lose any seats. It retained all its seats with a good chance of even gaining another. The main difference between the Parties?

The Nationals don't support any "climate change" measures at all particularly the measure of NettZero50 unilaterally adopted by the PM in November last at COP26 in Glasgow.

The Nationals are a conservative party that mainly represents rural areas and were in a coalition with the Liberals to govern Australia under Scott Morrison.

This sounds awfully familiar.  The squishes among Aussie conservatives want the approval of the media and global elites, who have united behind the climate hoax, just as so many RINOs do in this country.  I have no idea how conservative Peter Dutton would be as party leader, but if he's being attacked from the left, he's probably the best man for the job.

Photo credit: Australian Embassy, Jakarta, CC BY 2.0 license.

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