Biden's economic policies are so bad, even Jeff Bezos hates them

Everything that the Biden administration touches fails.  The motivation behind these policies is still unclear.  Epic incompetence, ideological blindness, or a deliberate intent to destroy America, either to impose martial law or have a complete socialist takeover — all of these are ideas being bandied about.  But the failure is obvious that Jeff Bezos, who has turned the historically pro-Democrat Washington Post into a hard-left redoubt for the extreme end of the Democrat party, has openly, loudly challenged Biden's insistence that raising corporate taxes will end inflation.

It all started with an utterly inane and economically backward post from Joe Biden's Twitter account:

In fact, increasing taxes on corporations increases inflation.  That's because corporations don't pay taxes.  Instead, they pass taxes to consumers in the form of higher costs or to employees in the form of layoffs.  Worse, they give the government more spending money, and that spending, as Milton Friedman explains, is the real source of inflation:

But again, reality is not on the Biden administration's radar.  Everything it does increases inflation.  And at least, when it comes to corporate taxes, Jeff Bezos has a problem.  Last week, he fired his first salvo about the Biden tweet's epic misinformation:

Then the Biden administration boasted about decreasing the deficit.  Neoliberal, a Twitter account holder, explained that what actually lowers the deficit is the end of stimulus spending and the fed's increased tax hauls due to inflation:

Bezos thought Neoliberal's take was worth retweeting, with his added commentary about the current administration's effort to print even more money, a disaster in the making from which Joe Manchin saved America:

Ignoring the advice about never going into a battle of wits unarmed, a White House hack named Andrew Bates a deputy White House press secretary, decided to put Bezos in his place:

And to prove that this is an official talking point, the new White House press secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre, said much the same:

If it were I, I wouldn't publicly attack someone who helped me get into the White House, but the Biden administration is no longer operating from a rational strategic basis.  It knows it has only 2.5 years of executive orders left with which to "fundamentally transform" America, even if that means alienating its allies.  And the White House certainly seems to have angered Bezos:

While I dislike Bezos, he's right.  Referencing Milton Friedman, above, the sole responsibility for inflation rests with the federal government, which badly needs its wings clipped.

It's rather impressive how leftism on steroids is turning fabulously wealthy Democrats — Trump, Musk, and now Bezos — into something more closely resembling conservatives.  America just needs to hold out a bit longer to give Biden and his party a chance to destroy themselves before they destroy America.

Image: Jeff Bezos.  YouTube screen grab.

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