Tucker Carlson looks at the left's perverse response to the Buffalo shooting

Over the weekend, a mentally ill 18-year-old man went to a market in Buffalo and murdered ten people in cold blood.  Literally within minutes of the news of the event, Democrats across America — in politics, on TV, and on the internet — instantly blamed Republicans for the murder.  Their facts were wrong, but that didn't matter.

Tucker Carlson, in one of his more profound monologues, spent a small amount of time on the horrible murder and a great deal of time on the Democrats' intense efforts to secure power by turning America into Rwanda, circa 1994, including the fact that Joe Biden is calling anyone who opposes him politically "an existential threat."

The video speaks for itself, so I'll just add three points that stand out for me.

First, the killer specifically targeted New York because he knew that the shoppers he was attacking would be unarmed.  Were he in Texas or, heck, anywhere in the Southeast, he might have gotten off a couple of shots before half the people in the store riddled him with bullets.

Image: Tucker Carlson.  YouTube screen grab.

Second, although leftists have instantly seized upon the shooting to show that America is drowning in a sea of White supremacist mass murderers, that's not actually the case.  The statistics, sadly, show that the most likely killer to murder a Black person is another Black man.  And when it comes to mass shootings, it turns out that Asians, Blacks, and Native Americans are a little more likely to engage in mass shootings than their representation in the population would indicate, whereas Hispanics and Whites engage in a slightly fewer mass shootings than their representation in the overall population would indicate:

Image: Eugene Volokh's chart at Reason.com, relying on data from Mother Jones regarding 121 mass shootings from 1982 to 2021.

What's striking when I cast my mind back on these mass shootings is that White and Asian shooters tend to have a higher body count.  I have no idea whether that impression is true and, if true, what it means.  It does, however, allow leftists to have stronger anti-White, race-based-hatred headlines.

Third, here is the entire quote from Politico in which Biden castigates Republicans as "an existential threat" to American democracy (keeping in mind that, for Democrats, anyone or anything that disagrees with them is a "threat to democracy"):

But privately, Biden has expressed frustration with media coverage of his administration and believes that the press — and Americans at large — have been too quick to gloss over the damage Trump did to the country. He also has taken to telling aides that he no longer recognizes the GOP, which he now views as an existential threat to the nation's democracy.

And without further ado, here's Tucker's monologue:

It's also worth watching Tucker's discussion with Glenn Greenwald, after the monologue, although this video cuts off Tucker's interesting conclusion that Liz Cheney has become "disfigured" by her hatred for Trump and anyone who supports a conservative agenda:

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