A compelling book warns of the dangers of radical Islam

Anna Mae D. Simmons, having devoted a lifetime of study of the culture and religious teachings of Islam and then turning her efforts to exposing the evil of Islam, has written a book that energetically and intensely studies the Islamic religious literature traditions in order to provide non-Islamists with a perspective on the uniquely belligerent, cruel, barbaric religion of history: Islam.  She provides us with insights in the book Who is the Radical Islamist? And Why? (213 pages, softcover $9.99, ISBN 978-14787-94509 [Outskirts Press 2018]).

Even though on every turn of the page, she adds reverent mentions of Muhammad, the point of the book is that she exposes the reasons why violent and barbaric jihadism is the guiding light of fundamental Islam and has not been extinguished.  It is still the paradigm of action for Islamists even in situations where they are in the minority.

Even in America, where Islamists represent a small segment of the population, the Islamist mindset is all about the conquest and destruction of Western civilization.  Even when operating from a position of disadvantage, Islamists are still the aggressors, using deception and manipulation to take advantage of Western civilization's weaknesses: tolerance, inclusion, and respect for religious beliefs.  To Islamists, Western intellectuals and political leaders are suckers for being intimidated into allowing Islamists to invade and dominate Western society.

Don't you think such a book deserves your attention?  Or are you willing to risk our civilization in favor of an aggressive, unrelenting, cruel, and savage religious (I use the word liberally) ideology (a word fitting the description much better) way of life and all-encompassing commitment?  If allowed to prevail, Islam will extinguish Western civilization in favor of a lifestyle system promoted by an illiterate highwayman/pedophile/barbarian named Muhammad, whose legacy, as he stated himself, is one of "conquest and terror" — or would the better statement be "to use terror to facilitate conquest"?

In the past, I have done my best to warn readers of the evil of Islam — referencing scholars like Robert Spencer, the author of more than 20 books and lead writer for the website Jihad Watch, and Raymond Ibrahim, a prolific and compelling contributor to American Thinker (more than 200 articles) about the dangers of Islamic aggression.

I recommend Professor Simmons's book because she provides an excellent summary of the religious teachings of Islam that have created the aggressive and lethal jihadis who present a danger to Western culture, as well as to other non-Islamic cultures such as Buddhism and Taoism.  This lethality is proven by Islam's cruel and excessive aggressions throughout the history of the last 1,400-plus years.  Throughout history, Islamists have never been shy about finding a reason not to tolerate other religions or cultures.

Even as we consider the dangers of aggressive socialism, which is seemingly ascendant in America today, it would be foolish to ignore the threat of radical Islamists, who are familiar with and have a great affection for both terror (torture and beheading) and deceit and political manipulation.  Islamists freely embrace both tactics to promote their goal of a worldwide caliphate and Islamic dominance.  The evidence of their malignity is present around the world and confirms Samuel Huntington's warning in his inestimable book, Clash of Civilizations.

John Dale Dunn, M.D., J.D. is a retired emergency physician and inactive attorney in Brownwood, Texas.

Image: A.D. Simmons's Who Is The Radical Islamist? And Why?

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