A climate change class action lawsuit: is it viable?

A few days ago, I suggested that a climate change class action lawsuit should be filed against those parties that clamor to destroy the economy via a Green Agenda that seeks to ban fossil fuels. Some commenters raised an interesting point: How do you prove damages? I think it’s possible and would serve as a good basis for any legal complaint.

The Green Agenda is supported in part or full by the following parties: federal, state, and local governments; universities; Green NGOs; foundations; corporations; renewable proponents/owners; and entrepreneurs. A court could determine if these entities are correct that anthropogenic climate change really will destroy the planet and mankind along with it.

To date, there’s never been an open evaluation of this issue, which traces directly to the UN IPCC Reports and the reports’ subsequent use to justify destroying the present universe of fossil fuel energy that supports our economy. With witnesses battling it out in a single forum, the court could assess whether it’s more likely than not that the world faces catastrophic destruction.

If there is no proven scientific basis for the Green Agenda, then it should be abandoned. Those harmed by the Green Agenda should be awarded the assessed value of the damages suffered.

If you search the internet for “A Climate Change Class Action Lawsuit,” you can find my article buried deep in Google. Every other site pulled up refers to lawsuits brought against governments for failing to implement the Green Agenda quickly enough to save the planet or against corporations accused of working to destroy the planet. This Green Agenda litigation is sufficiently well-established to suggest that there’s no reason not to bring a case that asserts the opposite charge: That the Green Agenda is destructive because the risk to the climate is non-existent. It just won’t be a Green lawyer bringing the case.

Image: Image: Justice in the balance by freepik.

The fatal flaw in the Green Agenda lawsuits is when it comes to damages. They cannot show damages from Climate Change because there aren’t any proven damages. Instead, there is just a constant, decades-long mantra about the impending catastrophe.

The public tires of such caterwauling as a recent poll finds. Overall, people are much more concerned about their current financial plight flowing from out-of-control energy prices, job losses, and inflation in general, than they are about unsubstantiated “climate change” hysteria.

How can Democrats, who claim such empathy for the poor and the common man, inflict such pain on them? When you add in that the Biden administration’s policies show that the administration forced these escalating prices to make Green energy more competitive. If the general public finally realizes what’s really going on, they’ll want to correct this evil by throwing the bums out – and I use polite terms here.

And here’s what makes my suggested lawsuit really viable: The Green Agenda’s damages to the economy are measurable! The damages are real in terms of lost jobs, industry collapse, higher prices, a faltering economy, and empty store shelves. The future damage can be reasonably estimated, as well. Let’s do it!

Christopher Garbacz is a former professor of economics. Contact: cgarbo@protonmail.com

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