You can't be virtuous if you're not a leftist

In our society, an amazing evolutionary advance has occurred, and with alarming rapidity: all moral and virtuous behavior has suddenly migrated to the political left.

In its wokeness, the left is society's beacon of morality.  Nancy Pelosi has emerged as the high priestess of virtue-signaling.  The U.S. must assert its "moral authority" on climate change.  Congress has a "moral imperative" to pass the BBB act.  Abortion bans ignore "basic morality."  Trump had no "moral excuse" to challenge the ACA.  The Democratic caucus exhibited "outstanding moral courage" in impeaching Trump.

The left is committed to diversity, equity, and inclusivity.  It is the sole voice against racism, misogyny, greed, and oppression.  It is the only voice for social justice, brotherhood of man, and community of nations.

The virtuous left is incapable of evil.  BLM and Antifa riots were provoked by the police.  The character assassination of Brett Kavanaugh was a just and valiant plea for recognition by victims of the MeToo movement.  Cancel culture prevents the dissemination of disinformation and threats to democracy.  Forsaking merit in the quest for diversity neutralizes the forces of white privilege.  Inflation is good for us, countering our addiction to consumerism.  Loss of energy independence demonstrates our commitment to ending global warming.  Open borders are just retribution for our xenophobic history.

It naturally follows that anyone questioning the woke left's concept of good and its self-imposed moral authority must be immoral — therefore evil — and rightfully subject to censorship, being viewed as deplorable or a threat to democracy, or even cast as a domestic terrorist.  Just shut up and go to your room.

Trapped into conforming with the virtuous ideals and moral certitude of their woke elitist standard-bearers, rank-and-file liberals, corporate H.R. departments, media pundits, educators, and even general officers of the military vow their passionate support for concepts they probably cannot inwardly believe, driven by fear of rejection from the herd and public humiliation.  Do they really believe that America is a racist nation, founded on slavery and that its founding principles are irredeemably flawed?  That getting rid of Aunt Jemima will change anything?  That white supremacy is the nation's greatest problem?  That BLM is concerned with black lives?  That gender is fluid?  That masculinity is toxic?  That voter suppression is a serious problem?  That the Jan. 6 protest was an insurrection and that the 2020 urban riots were peaceful protests?  That equal outcomes should replace merit?  That speech needs to be censored?  That taxing the rich will make the poor richer?  That more entitlements make people more productive?  That Joe Biden is really the president?  Not likely.

Woke progressivism has become detached from natural law and common sense.  It alarms even Bill Maher.  Its overt trajectory is in itself disturbing and simultaneously laughable.  But its covert utilization by opportunistic elements of the left is alarming.  Under the banner of morality, diversity, equity, and inclusivity, the woke agenda undermines free speech and the legitimacy of our founding principles.

The guarantee of free speech and the foundations of our government are powerful deterrents to autocratic rule.  Eliminating free speech does not eliminate "threats to democracy"!  It eliminates the major obstacle to the establishment of a leftist autocracy.  Sycophants of the woke agenda either do not appreciate such an eventuality or, perhaps, welcome it.

Image via Pxhere.

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