When it comes to trans madness, we can’t stop fighting

When the gay lobby pushed for gay marriage during the first Obama term, I knew that this was not the end game; it was merely the end of the beginning. The real battle was going to be pushing to disassociate children from their families and their own bodies. That push has accelerated with incredible force and rapidity under the Biden administration. The battle can be overwhelming and it’s tempting just to tune out the madness. Do not yield to that temptation. Our children and our society depend on our staying the course and keeping a spotlight on the craziness.

Because of Will Thomas, the man who’s being allowed to compete against women swimmers, a lot of the focus of late has been on men who are simply erasing the women’s spaces that feminists once fought for. That often seems opportunistic, especially since people like Will Thomas and Bruce Jenner don’t often castrate themselves.

It’s easier to appreciate how bad things are by looking at the terrible damage being done to women who, when they’re going through the common tomboy phase that often accompanies leaving their child’s body behind, are told that they are, in fact, men. Here’s a short compilation of tweets from Libs of Tik Tok that encapsulates, not just the departure from reality, but the misogynistic destruction of women’s bodies:

Meanwhile, in New Jersey, the law now requires second graders to learn about gender identity, including instructing seven-year-olds that “You might feel like you’re a boy even if you have body parts some people might tell you are ‘girl’ parts.”

One Substack writer, Morgoth, sums up the incredible weariness that is liable to wash over sane people when confronted with this madness:

I find it difficult to put into words just how sick to the back-teeth I've become with the trans-agenda. I'm not sure when it began but I seem to have arrived at a place where, without being conscious of it, I've begun retreating from the main discourse.


Outside of academia the trans issue simply did not exist.

Within just five years, perhaps less, this non-issue has been so thoroughly rammed and shoved into the public consciousness that we appear to have reached a point of complete saturation. Politicians now awkwardly squirm at being asked to define “woman”, a question which they think of as sly and underhanded.

The priestly caste who rule over our power centres and institutions seems determined to remove every girl's breasts and every boy's penis and if the current legislation and overwhelming degrees of social indoctrination, threats and outright brainwashing are not enough then the dial just gets cranked up to a higher level.

Transsexualism is the dominant issue of our age, it consumes every other social issue, and yet I have pairs of socks which pre-date it.

In just a few years, we’re seeing a huge wave of children being indoctrinated, the military weakened, careers destroyed, and healthy bodies mutilated.

For leftists, there is a method to this madness. One of the hallmarks of totalitarianism is that the citizens do not have ownership over their own bodies. In China, when the one-child policy was at its height, pregnant women had abortions forced upon them. Today, documentation shows that the Chinese are harvesting organs from living people, whether prisoners or Uighurs.

In America, beginning in the 1960s, leftists began to chip away at children’s sense of bodily inviolability by promoting pedophilia, then a fringe belief on the left. Now, leftists work to normalize pedophilia.

The transgender movement takes to a new level the effort to deny children control over their bodies. The backlash against Florida’s parental rights law showed leftists desperate to sexualize children as early as possible. If they can push the idea of transgenderism on children—something that was once a fairly rare mental illness on the body dysphoria spectrum—they can completely prevent maturing children from creating a firm sense of self grounded in both their physical and mental beings.

As just one example of the damage done to children who buy into “transgenderism,” note how many of them identify as “transgender and non-binary” (with non-binary-ism being every bit as imaginary as transgenderism). Even taking those definitions at face value, that’s a logical impossibility. So-called transgenderism (e.g., having a gender the opposite of your biological gender) is a binary construct that cannot exist simultaneously with being non-binary, which means having no identifiable gender.

Tempting as it is to start closing your eyes to this madness and just writing off a generation, we must continue the fight. Leftists are using gender madness to destroy children, families, education, the workplace, legal rights, and the military. One meme sums it up:

Image: “People have periods.” Twitter screen grab.

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