Leftists continue their assaults on language to achieve political goals

People have been noticing lately that leftists are working hard to change the language to achieve their goals.  Leftists are fully aware of the fact that, as George Orwell argued, when you change the available vocabulary, you also change people's ability to think about things.  If you erase from the English language any words tied to liberty (e.g., freedom, individuality, liberal, etc.), people will eventually lose entirely the whole concept of freedom.  It's with that thought in mind that some in the LGBTQ+++ crowd are working to rebrand pedophilia.  The latest euphemism is "Minor-Attracted Person," but it's the same old sick idea.

Certain words decline in value over the years.  The word beldam, or old hag, comes from the French belle dame, meaning beautiful lady.  Once, young people respectfully called elderly women, especially grandmothers, belle dame, and then the word degraded.

Another word that degraded was spinster.  Once, it meant a woman who would spin for a living.  Eventually, it came to mean a repressed, desiccated, permanently unwed woman.  Now the word is gone entirely because there's no stigma attached to remaining unmarried.

And then there's the word pedophile.  It's a neologism that psychiatrists created in the 1950s, from the Greek for "loving children," something the ancient Greeks proudly did.  Isn't that sweet?  Except there's nothing sweet about it.  Pedophiles are people who are sexually attracted to children, and, in the worst cases, they act on that attraction.  Since its inception, that word has had purely negative connotations.

Well, it turns out that in today's progressive world, pedophiles don't feel that they should be stigmatized in that way.  Allyn Walker, an assistant professor at Old Dominion University, in Virginia, is one such person, and Walker is willing to go on the record to make that point.

Walker, who has a Ph.D. from John Jay College/CUNY Graduate Center, specializes in Resilience to Offending, Mental Health, Court Systems, Queer Criminology.  I think that might translate to specializing in trying to decriminalize certain behaviors such as...pedophilia.  In keeping with that thought, its only published book is A Long, Dark Shadow: Minor-Attracted People and Their Pursuit of Dignity.

Oh, and I call Walker "it" because Walker, who is obviously a woman who has taken testosterone, identifies as a "they/them."  It's pretty clear that Walker is not a plural, and, thankfully, English has a perfectly good pronoun for anything (or anybody) that is neither male nor female: "it."

Anyway, the invaluable Twitter account Libs of TikTok dug up a video of Walker discussing how it believes we shouldn't be stigmatizing "Minor-Attracted Persons" by calling them "pedophiles."

Walker says you should always call groups by the name they choose.  I can see a lot of groups that would like that.  Murderers could be "Death Assisting People," or DAPs.  Rapists could be "Spontaneous Intercourse With Unwilling People," or SIWUPs.  Communists could be "Democratic Socialists," or...oh, wait!  Never mind.  I see that's already been done.

It was always clear that this was where the sexual revolution was going to go.  Already in the 1960s and 1970s, German communes were proselytizing having sex with children.  So was Barack Obama's mentor, Frank Marshall Davis, who promoted a hazy blend of pedophilia and pederasty.  The Belgian Catholic Church, beginning in the 1960s, actively promoted pedophilia within its ranks.  As I wrote more than a decade ago, the left, by destroying the inviolability of young bodies, was destroying children's individuality and making them easy prey for traffickers and leftism.

The problem for Allyn Walker and others trying to normalize pedophilia is that this is going to be a bit harder than it was to normalize homosexuality, to legalize gay "marriage," to normalize transgenderism, and to make transgender people the power victims in the victim culture that leftism has created in America.

All loving parents, plus other people who love children in a wholesome, not perverted way, intuitively understand that their children should not be sexualized.  No matter what pedophiles wish to be called, the word by which they are known will quickly degrade as people understand that it represents, not a normal sexual identity, but a moral evil.

You could call these people "Child-Loving Angels," and they'd still be shunned and reviled.  There are some loves so bad that not only should they never speak their name, but they should always be censored.  Moreover, their practitioners, if they go beyond fantasies and wander into the realm of practice, should get a swift introduction to the prison population.

Image: Allyn Walker.  Twitter screen grab.

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