The White House's demented attack dog and airy-fairy visionary

Although the president of the United States is considered the head of his political party, it's traditional for him to be the party visionary.  Sure, he's the one who sets the policy, but he's not supposed to engage in blood sport attacks against the American people.  After all, he is the president of all Americans.  A different tradition developed for the vice president.  He's the party attack dog.  With Biden and Harris in the White House, though, Biden is the confused, but vicious attack dog, while Harris, incoherently and embarrassingly, puts herself in the visionary role.  It's a painful inversion of how the White House ought to be run.

Right now, I can hear people hollering that Trump was also an attack dog.  Well, yes, Trump has an extraordinarily pugilistic personality.  Two things distinguished his attack mode, though.  First, he is a counter-puncher.  He never attacked a person or entity unless the latter had already come at him, whether it was the media, a politician, or a celebrity.  Second, Trump never insulted the American people and never punched down.  He had a vision for all of America — and all Americans would be in much better shape now if leftists and RINOs hadn't blocked him at every step, including the election efforts to prevent a second term.

It's different with Biden because he explicitly ran promising that he wouldn't be an attack dog.  He was going to be the normal president.  In his inaugural address, he used the word "unity" nine times and the word "uniting" three times.  Biden promised that he was going to be the president who bound together an unhappy, divided nation.

Image by Andrea Widburg (fairy by user2104819 on Freepik and angry dog by photoangel on Freepik).

That's not how things are working out.  Instead, Biden specializes in attacking those Americans who dare disagree with him.  Despite upwards of 80 million people actually voting for Donald Trump and the MAGA agenda, during a Friday press conference in Seattle, Biden openly attacked the MAGA (i.e., Make America Great Again) people:

Last year, he attacked those Americans who were (quite rightly) worried about the dangers of the COVID vaccine: "If you're not vaccinated, you're not nearly as smart as I thought you were," he intoned.

Biden was even more brutal in 2016 to troops whose response to his speech displeased Biden.  When they didn't give him the applause his TelePrompter hinted awaited him, he said, "Clap for that, you stupid bastards!  Man, you are a dull bunch.  Must be slow here, man."

This article details other instances of his nastiness.  Biden is a fundamentally vicious human being, and it oozes out of him like swamp gas rising from a decaying body.

And then there's Kamala, who should be the attack dog.  Instead, she floats about uselessly, making meaningless speeches.  Her most classic moments are when she plays the visionary.  Who can forget Kamala speaking to a group of child actors about the wonders of space?

She reminds me of those women who, as a weekend gig, dress up as fairies and princesses for little girls' birthday parties.  In their case, it's charming when they speak in arch tones of wonder about magical things.  In Kamala's case, all it does is inspire fear that she's next in line to the Oval Office.  It's even worse when she speaks that way to the adults in America's Space Force:

This vapidity is chronic.  There are legions of memes quoting Kamala's utter meaninglessness.  What's even worse is that these aren't just brain glitches; they're planned:

Everything about this administration is wrong, from the way it got itself into the White House to its policies to its manifest hatred for the country Biden and Harris have the tremendous privilege of leading.  I guess, therefore, that it's not strange how, in this very wrong administration, the addled, nasty president is the vicious attack dog while the vapid, dull-witted, and saccharine vice president tries to uplift the American people.

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