The soul suckers are coming for you

What the hell are they?  Are they liberals?  Are they progressives?  Socialists?  Or Marxists?  Maybe fascists?  But none of these, by classical definition, accurately encapsulates the true depth of these beasts, for an authoritarian, by any other name, would smell as putrid.

They hate.  That is obvious.  They hate everything that a follower of the traditional loves.  They go full nuke at even the slightest of slights.  They're bullies and comical little clowns, but they are deadly serious — for there is only one cog in their transmission of hate, and they mean to run us down in high gear.  They are treacherous.  They are evil and vile, and we should treat them as such.

To truly define their structure, it would be termed amorphous fascism, notwithstanding their jackbooted shock troops fermenting in the Pacific Northwest.  Fascism is the lazy man's socialism.   Instead of seizing the means of production, they crank the gears of that production through technobureaucracies and conglomerate enterprises in a coordinated dance.  The key difference between traditional fascism and amorphous fascism is that without a centralized cartel or dictator-in-waiting, there is only a symbiotic relationship between the controls of the state and the powers of globalist industry.  Neither of them is strong enough to control the other.

They envision an end game that has not quite been thought through, for thinking seems to be anathema to them, and the law of unintended consequences need not apply.  While they fumble through the means, the end is a quixotic hell.  You, in their discernment, are mouth-breathers; you are useless eaters, not at all different from the cattle they seem hell-bent on abolishing in the name of saving the climate, thus their world.

You are the great unwashed.

And they are the Soul Suckers.

They destroy your jobs ("learn to code"); they destroy the economy and confiscate your prosperity for their own amusement; they have no need for more wealth, for it is power they crave.  Their appetite for power over other humans, humans who are no better or worse than they, is voracious.  They destroy your businesses, limiting your choices for goods and services to their approved outlets.

They assign you a QR code, tethering your every action to their coordinated whims of the day.  If you resist, you are an extremist; if you attend unapproved functions, you are an enemy of the state; if you speak an unsanctioned message, you will be quarantined; if you donate to an unauthorized cause, they will freeze what few assets you may still possess; they import unskilled laborers to replace you and destroy any happiness you receive from the fruits of your own labor.

They decriminalize the criminal.  They make the victim anonymous.

They divide you along lines of race, religion, sex, education, economic status, and ideology.

They teach your children rubbish meant to destroy the ability for critical thinking, for to criticize is to defy.  They teach your children to hate themselves for being victims and victimizers.  They render your children sexless; they suck the joy from children's lives as they turn innocence to rage.

They turn father against son, daughter against mother, family against family.

They isolate you, so you believe you are the only person who comprehends our failing society.  They censor and criminalize you if you dare speak out.  They eradicate your freedom of speech, the only true freedom that prevents them from immediate domination.

They crush your individualism and free thought.

As man has mastered his command over the materials of the earth — wood, stone, water, metal, even electricity and the atom — he then has the hubris to believe he can conquer natural mechanisms: energy, climate, population, and the individual human body; all to extend himself into infinity.  But for what purpose?  Carnal pleasure?  Perfection of the body?  All-encompassing knowledge?  When will man become bored with it all?

And yet they will try.  They will halve the population in the name of controlling the climate and saving the Earth for their own delight.  You will live in high-rise parking lot–like cubicles.  You will eat what they give you.  You will sleep, wake, bathe, and dress all in prescribed manners.  They will assign you a tedious occupation.  They will fill your credit account with just enough to buy junk that hopefully keeps your mind and body occupied, and when you are empty, they will help you die with dignity.  It is for your own benefit.

They believe you will be happy.  They believe they are gods.

They are here to suck your souls.

Frederick Hink was a long-time market intelligence consultant, executive director of an education advocacy group, and local politician.  Fred writes at and can be reached at

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