MSNBC anchor calls Republicans a threat to national security

Just yesterday, MSNBC anchor Nicolle Wallace, on her show “Deadline,” called congressional Republicans a threat to national security.

The following are specifics of Wallace’s utterances:

“Over the weekend, Republican House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, either ignorant of which is always possible with him or unbothered by, also likely, his own continued startling hypocrisy, suggested Russia would never have invaded Ukraine ever in the first place if the U.S. had simply provided weapons to President Zelensky sooner.”

Wallace then pivoted to Trump.

“Here’s why that matters. You’ll remember just two years ago; Kevin McCarthy repeatedly defended the twice-impeached ex-president’s campaign to hold up military aid for Ukraine in the demented attempt to demand political help from President Zelensky. Along with 194 other House Republicans, McCarthy voted against the first impeachment for abuse of power in that investigation.

They didn’t vote to affirm the commitment to NATO. I think calling them out is what Democrats who care about national security should do."

Finally, she implied that Republicans could be responsible for the end of the world.

“My point is if the parties were reversed, Republicans would make it a poison pill. The Republican Party under Kevin McCarthy and Mitch McConnell are a threat to national security, at home, and the global security arrangements that have kept us safe since World War II.

It is not their internal problem. It is the threat they present to all of us, to their constituents, and all the rest of us.”

A bit about Nicolle Wallace’s background:

Wallace is a now-ex-Republican, who, as a Republican in 1999, was then-Florida Gov. Jeb Bush's press secretary. She then became the Communications Director for the Florida State Technology Office in 2000. Wallace worked on the 2000 Florida election recount.

During George W. Bush's first term, she served as special assistant to the president and director of media affairs. Wallace also served as an advisor to John McCain’s presidential campaign. In that assignment, she famously set up McCain's running mate, Sarah Palin, for a humiliating ambush interview with her friend Katie Couric, according to Palin's account. Palin had been told that the interview would be about her children, but Couric surprised her with a raft of tough foreign policy questions she was unprepared for. Wallace also was the source of a steady stream of negative leaks from the McCain campaign about Palin.

Wallace proves that in Washington there are no Democrats or Republicans. There is only one establishment and everybody, irrespective of party affiliation, is subservient to it, attached like parasites. They may express different ideas and claim to have different values. But on matters such as endless pointless wars, shipping U.S. jobs abroad, open borders, climate change, and disdain for the working class, their views are identical. Wallace's flippant personality and contempt for voters can be beheld here and here.

Donald Trump's campaign and his electoral win exposed the true colors of these chameleons. 

These Never Trumpers claim that theirs is a principled opposition and that the GOP has moved so far from their morals and values that they no longer recognize their own party. But in reality, they are upset that the GOP is drifting away from the establishment.  

We must remember that the Never Trumpers ignored pedophilia within their flagship organization, the Lincoln Project, so their claims to any morality at all fall flat.

The likes of Wallace, who described herself as a "self-loathing former Republican" are useful to the establishment. This enables the media to claim there is ‘bipartisan condemnation of Trump,’ when it is just a few Never Trumpers.

It has to be remembered that the establishment and the media were ruthless toward George W. Bush during his presidency. These themes of ignorance and bigotry towards Bush and his supporters were prevalent even back then. 

Perhaps it was part of the deception, to cause the illusion that the party was truly divided. Perhaps Republicans such as Wallace were happy being second-class citizens and Democrat punching bags, as long as the establishment threw them a bone.

What also infuriates these Never Trumper Republicans is that traditional Republicans who once voted for them are waking up to reality. In the absence of Trump, Jeb Bush would have probably been the GOP presidential candidate in 2016, and Hillary Clinton the candidate for the Democrats. Irrespective of who won, their monopoly would prevail. 

Never Trumper Republicans would still be running magazines and think tanks claiming to be conservative. They would still be receiving donations from middle America and joking about it as 'flyover country' while sipping drinks with their Democrat friends. 

Those days are over.

Like recent converts to a religion who resort to fanaticism to prove their commitment, perhaps Wallace is probably trying her best to demonstrate that she is in sync with the groupthink at MSNBC because she was once a Republican.

Some may be tempted to dismiss Wallace’s remarks as a loony partisan simpleton on a low-rated cable show. But utterances on MSNBC offer an understanding of the thinking within the Washington establishment.

It seems most likely that the Democrats are going to receive an emphatic drubbing during the midterms. Biden’s poor polling numbers suggest that Trump is likely to triumph again in 2024.

The general public has rejected the Democrat agenda that includes brainwashing and coercing school children in matters about sexuality, defunding the police, enforcing vaccine mandates, and so much more.

Under Biden, there has been an influx of illegal immigrants, inflation at a 40-year high, catastrophes in Afghanistan and Ukraine, a supply chain crisis, and myriad other disasters. This has left the Democrats in an indefensible position, and even their loyal terriers in the media are turning on them.

There are two ways the Democrats think they can halt the bleeding. 

The first is cheating during the elections as they did in 2020, using COVID-19 to open that door. The second is the demonization of the GOP, not just calling them bigots and ignoramuses, but also threats to peace the way Wallace claimed or perhaps accusing them of terrorism or incitement or treason.

This has already been done since early 2021.

Protests on Jan. 6, 2021, that went overboard are being termed an "insurrection" and the protestors are being called terrorists. The partisan Jan. 6 congressional investigation is attempting to implicate President Trump for ‘inciting’ the ‘attack’ which amounted to protestors walking through open doors and ambling within the Capitol building. 

Parents who object to their children being brainwashed with leftwing propaganda are called domestic terrorists

Branding somebody a terrorist justifies draconian and even illegal measures by government agencies. The accused either face prolonged incarceration or suffer in the Kafkaesque labyrinthine trap set by the government. Quite often they give up in despair.

They also hope to stop Trump from running in 2024, because they know he is likely to win.

The likes of Wallace don’t see the GOP as the opposition, but instead as enemies who deserve to be destroyed.

A GOP victory during the midterms will certainly be an improvement over far-left Democrats in 2022. But it won’t be ideal because the GOP is still infested with turncoats such as Mitt Romney, Lisa Murkowski, Lindsey Graham, and Susan Collins, who can, at any time, steal defeat from the jaws of a GOP victory and hand easy wins to the Democrat Washington establishment.

These midterms, hence, must be seen as a merely first step toward repairing the considerable damage done by Biden and the Democrats to save the soul of the nation. 

But real change can only occur when the GOP in power consists of brave, incorruptible, principled, freedom-loving conservatives.

Cynics may claim that such individuals do not exist in the real world. But aiming very high and setting high standards are the first steps toward achieving excellence.

Image: Screen shot from video posted by Team Coco, via YouTube

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