Has Biden become expendable?

Why are the media suddenly attacking the president when they supported many of his policies during the 2020 primaries?

With Biden, the media are behaving like a bartender who encourages the driver to drink and supplies him with alcohol but reports him to the police when the accidents and casualties start piling up.

The corrupt media called President Trump's border fence "racist" while praising Biden's promise to provide free health care for anyone crossing the southern border illegally.

With such a generous and rewarding immigration policy, the media knew that the southern border would see an explosion of illegal crossings — and so there was.  As illegal entries hit record levels, murder, drug crimes, and sex crimes skyrocketed in the border states.

Suddenly, Biden's border policy was being criticized by the propaganda media.  They were all in until things started collapsing.

Before the 2020 election, a story broke regarding Hunter Biden's laptop, which was abandoned at John Paul Mac Isaac's Delaware repair shop.  Along with reports that Biden's laptop contained disturbing images of a sexual nature, there were allegations that presidential candidate Joe Biden and his son had compromising financial dealings with Ukraine worth millions of dollars.

Tony Bobulinski, a former business associate of Hunter, confirmed on Fox's The Tucker Carlson Show that Hunter's troubling emails were legitimate.  The New York Post confirmed the authenticity of the laptop and published articles regarding some of its shady contents.

That's when the formidable socialist propaganda apparatus went into full cover-up mode.  The New York Times and Washington Post dismissed the laptop story.  Democrats attacked anyone discussing the laptop and labeled the entire subject a Russian disinformation scheme.  Social media banned The New York Post from sharing the story, and countless bloggers sharing the story saw their social media accounts suspended. 

Now, 18 months after Biden became president, the corrupt media have come out to say Hunter's laptop is genuine.  So they are selling the American people snowballs in the winter.  Maybe in a year or two, the fraudulent media will admit that the 2020 election was stolen. 


Image: National Archives.

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