Texas governor's plan to bus illegals to Washington, DC is amusing but not practical

A few days ago, Republican Texas governor Greg Abbott said illegal aliens who were secretly transported to Texas cities by the federal government will be sent to Washington, D.C.

Abbott said the following, with his tongue placed firmly in his cheek:

We are sending them to the United States Capitol where the Biden administration will be able to more immediately address the needs of the people that they are allowing to come across our border.

Early this week, it was reported that human traffickers attempted to smuggle more than 100 illegal migrants into Texas in just two days.  Those were the ones who were caught.

Homeland Security reported that more than 2.5 million illegal aliens had crossed the southern border since Biden took over.

The Title 42 policy, which President Trump implemented during the pandemic, empowers border officials quickly to expel migrants on health grounds.  Under Biden, that will be terminated on May 23.

The migrant caravans are now massing in Central America and Mexico, and would-be illegals have told the press they are tightly focused on that day.  Once the surge of migrants makes it to the States, the migrants are then transported to poor and working-class neighborhoods.

The result is that working-class citizens either lose their jobs or face depressed wages because the migrants often work off the books for less than the minimum wage and don't pay taxes. 

Resources such as hospitals, law enforcement, and fire services that are meager in working-class areas are already overburdened.  Free spaces such as pavement and parks that are occupied by migrants are rendered unhygienic. 

During times when new variants of COVID-19 are frequently discovered, an influx of untested migrants is undesirable.  The fact that the migrants are unvetted means there could be criminal elements among the groups that could wreak havoc in otherwise peaceful communities.  Some could be drug consumers or, worse, drug peddlers.

Gov. Abbott's plan to transport illegal migrants to Capitol Hill certainly is novel.  It is a fine idea to compel the proponents of open borders who embrace Biden's flawed interpretation of U.S. immigration law to suffer the consequences and inconveniences of their actions.

If D.C. is overrun by illegal migrants, lawmakers will be placed in the kind of peril faced by regular people in small towns of border states every day.  Once House speaker Nancy Pelosi and socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez find it difficult to navigate through a swarm of illegal aliens, their eyes will be opened.

Once Sen. Chuck Schumer and Rep. Adam Schiff suffer due to the chaos, the health hazard, and the hygiene challenges caused by migrants, they will be compelled to change their policies. 

But let's return back to reality and understand the practical challenges.

What if the migrants are unwilling to make the trip to Washington?  Abbott says he will transport only those who are willing to go.  What if the majority are unwilling to go?  Abbott's proposal crashes before it takes off.

What if states run by Democrats through which the buses have to pass en route to D.C. refuse entry to the migrant buses?  Yes, the Democrats will be exposed for being hypocrites.  But the problem of illegal aliens will remain unsolved even if a standoff continues.

Let's say the buses reach D.C., and, much like the trucker protests, the D.C. police refuse them entry and barricade the city, as they did after Jan. 6, 2021.

D.C. Democrats will be exposed for their hypocrisy, but how does that help?  How long will the standoff continue?  At some point, the migrants will have to be let go.

What if the migrants are allowed into D.C. but are summarily picked up, placed on nightly flights, and transported back to Texas? 

Beyond these various hypothetical situations, the fact remains that enforcement of U.S. immigration laws lies with the federal government and not the states. 

The federal government will probably find a way to place impediments before the buses even depart from Texas.

So how does a state governor combat the influx of migrants realistically?

Border security is the responsibility of the federal government, and this is the root of the problem now that the Democrats hold power in all of D.C.  The fact that many liberal judges are lenient while dealing with illegal aliens, even those who have committed additional crimes, makes matters worse.

Abbott recently signed an order directing the Texas Department of Public Safety to thoroughly inspect vehicles entering Texas.  Most state governors must implement similar measures.

CCTV cameras must be placed within border precincts, and the footage should be monitored at all times.  The moment any suspected activity is observed, those monitoring the CCTV footage should alert state officials.

The state must enforce laws that prevent businesses, big and small, from hiring illegal aliens in any capacity.  Employers caught hiring illegals must be fined and penalized.

Law enforcement must always be vigilant.  There must never be a situation like what occurred last year, when over fifteen thousand mostly Haitian migrants built makeshift camps under the International Bridge in Del Rio, Texas.  It is impossible to know how many among these migrants are now within the U.S.

It will take major changes to laws and restructuring to give more powers to state governors in combating illegal migration.

Abbott's idea is attention-grabbing, but it is not practical.  Abbott obviously knows that but is referring to it to highlight the point.

The only way to control this madness is to vote for fearless, principled, and incorruptible Republicans this November and in November 2024.

Image: Screen shot from 12 News via YouTube.

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