Frontiers of 'white privilege'

Apparently Ariel Baker, who writes for Yahoo! Money, hasn't learned about all the mansions bought by BLM people.

Since the premiere of real-life criminal drama shows "The Dropout" and "Inventing Anna," America has become enraptured with the stories of Elizabeth Holmes and Anna Sorokin. Each series resulted in numerous hot takes on social media, with discourse around how two women managed to dupe the country's "elite" and heads of multi-million dollar companies, using what turned out to be elaborate schemes.

We are not here to discuss whether the victims of these scams deserved their fates, or whether the consequences matched the crime, but rather illuminate one fact that has become clear with these stories: these women were only able to execute scams of this magnitude because of the way they look. It simply would not have been possible had they been Black.

Elizabeth Holmes in 2014.

Evidently, the race-obsessed are now reduced to complaining that black people don't have equal opportunities to commit crimes successfully.  I'd hate to see the affirmative action program they'd come up with.

Photo credit: TechCrunch CC BY 2.0 license.

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