Oops! Diversity officials complain about a DJ in 'blackface' only to be informed he actually is African American

Two diversity advocates in the Scottsdale, Arizona school district were so eager to find racism lurking in a (highly successful) fundraiser that they accused a black D.J. hired for the event of wearing blackface.  Evidently, the costume and/or hairstyle of the D.J. at the '70s-themed event triggered them somehow to accuse Koko Hunter, second from the right in the photo below, of the sin of racial impersonation of an African American via blackface:

Twitter via the UKDM.

According to the account in  the U.K. Daily Mail, The two eager-to-be-offended diversicrats are

Jill Lassen, co-chair of the Scottsdale Parent Council's diversity, equity and inclusion committee


[Stuart] Rhoden ... an instructor at Arizona State University who also serves on the Scottsdale school district's Equity and Inclusion Committee.

Photos via UKDM.

Rhoden, who is black,

questioned the PTA's acceptance of blackface, wherein a person, usually white, paints their skin to portray a black person. The practice has roots in early 19th century American theater and is now widely considered racist.

In a Facebook post last week, he apologized to 'dude' for the mistake, only to then double-down and suggest that Hunter was wearing makeup to make himself look darker.

'Let me be clear, a Black man, apparently in Black face is an entirely different discussion than a White person. However I did not state that the person was White. 

'It was assumed that was my intent, and perhaps it was, but nonetheless, looking on his FB page (photos below), it seems at the very least he is in darker make-up if not "Black face" or I am completely mistaken and it's the lighting of the patio,' Rhoden said.

'So here's what I want to say. I apologize to dude for the implication, but the sentiment still stands, Black face by anyone, in this day and age is problematic. I also apologize to folks who reposted and made other statements based on my assumption.'

In my book, that's not a real apology.  He doesn't know if makeup is used, but even if it were, so what?

Lassen, who is white, had no choice but to go for utter self-debasement:

'You are right, we should've reached out and inquired before making such accusations. I cannot fathom the hurt, anger and frustration you felt after you and others volunteered countless hours on your event,' wrote Lassen, who describes herself as an 'ardent community volunteer, activist, and ally to the LGBTQ+ community.' 

'Again I truly apologize. I hope that you can find it in your heart to forgive me and not harbor resentment towards SPC.'

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