Earth Day is will you celebrate?

Meet the new lies — same as the old lies.  Propaganda media still spreading fear of a climate emergency!  Hollywood elitists embracing the Green New Deal.  Studio executives demanding woke green scripts, challenging a cis-gendered white patriarchal ideology.  Government authoritarians mandating all manner of outrageous unscientific restrictions, demonizing American energy independence or else.  The Who warned us in one of the greatest protest songs of the '70s: "Won't Get Fooled Again."  Yet will we get fooled again this Earth Day?

How did climate madness weave green alchemy into every aspect of life?  When did this green religion cult first take hold?

Starting 50 years ago in April, the founders of Earth Day preached their message of fear at Fairmont Park in Philadelphia.  These were charismatic leaders using cult manipulation techniques —  brainwashing, love-bombing — while peacefully promoting social isolation communes.  Cultists demand obedience to the cause, or their followers face strong social pressures and banishment.  Fooling a generation of pot-smoking youths to tune in, turn on, and drop out was a new industry in 1970.  Leaders rewarded followers for their undying devotion to the cause with appealing promises of free love, no war, and rainbows yet to come.  They peddled unchallenged stories and ecological propaganda...and Earth Day was born.  

Mesmerizing evangelical Earth Dayers megaphoned their message of fear-mongering with dire predictions of a grim future.  Crowds shouted the responsorial mantras.  Save the ecosystem, celebrate Earth Day, or face peak oil.  Save the ecosystem, or face a global ice age.  Save the ecosystem, or face dead oceans, decimated farmland, poisoned air, overpopulation, and the evils of capitalist pigs.  Government must act now, or we are all doomed to an impending ecological "Eve of Destruction."  None of the prophecies has ever come to fruition.  

Mainstream news outlets of the day were more than willing to spread the fear, parrot the lies, and spin fawning puff pieces to soften the truth about their cherished leaders.

Sound familiar?  Hanoi Jane was not a treasonous criminal straddling Vietcong artillery guns north of the DMZ.  Why, no — Miss Fonda is an ecology warrior starring in a movie about a fictional nuclear meltdown.  Senator Ted Kennedy didn't leave Mary Jo to drown.  Ted is the champion of the little guy, saving them with ecological legislation.  The propaganda media ran cover stories for them all.  

Self-proclaimed eco-activist and Earth Day founder Ira Einhorn was even celebrated for his socially responsible crime.  Einhorn spoke out for years against violence while bringing awareness to environmental issues.  Einhorn had a live-in girlfriend, Holly Maddux, yet they broke up.  When Philly police questioned Ira about Holly's mysterious disappearance, he claimed she had gone to the co-op for some tofu and sprouts and never returned.  Eighteen months passed until neighbors noticed a foul-smelling liquid leaking from Einhorn's flat.  Police found Holly's beaten and mummified body stuffed into a trunk packed with Styrofoam.  The press rushed in with headlines proclaiming, "Earth Day co-founder killed, composted girlfriend."  See?  An ecologically responsible murderer.

So, on this Earth Day, when today's GND climate warriors proclaim that dire consequences will materialize unless immediate government actions are implemented...fear not. 

Preaching green faith, socialist trust, and pixie dust, the Green New Deal is more fantasy than fact.  When America's new Green Energy Pixie, Sandy O, starts waving her magic wand, conjuring up ghosts of Earth Days yet to come, ask her: where is all the money for this fantasy?

America's Green Energy Pixie will promise a Green New Deal full of imaginary possibilities, just around the corner, just like her unicorn.  So let's not get fooled again.

Alex Ashe is the pen name of a lifelong conservative, computer engineer, and energy enthusiast.

Image: HD Documentaries via YouTube.

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