Biden's border surge plan is worse than it looks

Joe Biden knows there's a border surge coming. He's planning to drop Title 42 COVID restrictions on illegal entrants as of May 23, and the human waves are expected to at least double from what was seen last year.  And he knows it.

Some two to three million illegal border-crossers are forecast to make landfall in the United States, and with no fear of deportation, and establish themselves in the States permanently.

Right now, in just one Texas corridor, at Eagle Pass, some 7,000 illegal border-crossers from 157 countries are rolling through daily.  That number is expected to soar to 18,000 a day once Title 42 is gone.  Democrats in those affected districts are alarmed and asking Biden not to do it.  The coming surge is going to make the past surges look like play waves in the kiddie pool.

Biden knows they are coming has no intention of enforcing U.S. border law, or even trying to stop it. 

Instead, he and his minions have a plan that they aren't telling us about, yet news leaks coming out suggest that it's worse than it looks.

Several things stand out.

First, Biden has a plan for border-surgers who will inevitably need medical care, given that the incentive to migrate for "free" gringo health care is bound to motivate the sick to come, and for those who make the arduous journey itself.  The customer service standards of Mexico's human-smuggling networks are likely to create many who need medical care who didn't before they set off.

Leaked reports suggest that Biden plans to address it this way:


He's going to steal medical personnel from V.A. medical centers and their veteran clients to tend to illegals?

What kind of priority is that?  And how fair is it to the medical personnel, many of whom have made it their mission to serve U.S. service members, not play "doctors without borders" for nationals of 157 countries?  Stealing doctors and leaving veterans high and dry without enough medical personnel and long, long lines for appointments is outrageous.  It's downright immoral.

That's not the only shocking thing about this Biden plan to meet the surge.

Reports also suggest that illegal border-crossers will be given an "app" for their cell phones (which, of course, they all have) for an express check-in with Border Patrol agents, to ensure their speedy entry and customer service satisfaction, something (legal) immigrants certainly don't get:

What could go wrong?  Vetting?  Yes, just like how those Afghan plane jumpers were "stringently vetted."

And why is there such a surge to grant illegals from other countries government services when our own IRS still can't answer taxpayer phone calls, and the rest of the government is largely dysfunctional, too?  What kind of priority is that?

The third aspect of the plan is what comes after:

The odd timing of Biden's decision to employ "asylum officers" to the job that had been done by judges, to adjudicate asylum claims, all in the name of "efficiency" and "clearing backlogs," is problematic, too.

Biden's executive order is expected to become operational on May 21, two days before his Title 42 COVID restrictions are to be dropped.

These newly minted "asylum officers" with vast powers to admit or not admit illegal migrants as asylees includes a host of incentives to grant them asylum on the spot, and, with that asylum, an automatic path to U.S. citizenship to illegal border-crossers.

Numbers USA notes that to start, it won't even clear the backlog:

The fundamental contradiction at the heart of this regulation is straightforward. The regulation, in the name of fairness and efficiency, places ultimate authority for adjudication of asylum applications with asylum officers. The theory behind this is that it reduces the procedural path of adjudication by cutting out the immigration judges who are facing a massive 600K+ backlog of asylum cases. Seems simple, right? Judges are overwhelmed so why not outsource the work to asylum officers? The trouble is that the Biden Administration even screws this up. The regulation only allows the expedited process if the asylum officer approves the application. If the asylum officer denies the application, then the regulation preserves the appeals to immigration judges. Which means, in the case of denials, this regulation has zero effect on increasing efficiency. But wait there's more, the revised rule actually expands the rights of asylum applicants in their appeal of a denial. The first draft actually tried to limit applicant procedural maneuvering on appeal to speed up the process. Turns out the one group of commenters the Biden Administration listened to was the group that said his new rule was too hard on denied applicants. So for asylum denials, the rule will not change much unless you believe adding unrealistic timelines matters.

At this point it is fair to wonder why DHS and DOJ would make such a distinction between approvals and denials. The answer is that in a nonadversarial process up to one low-level staffer, it is very likely that pertinent information could be missed. Furthermore, it is highly likely that cases of fraud will be missed and rewarded. The Biden Administration wants to make sure they defend against improper denials for bona fide asylum applicants. This is admirable until you realize what that means for the regulation as a whole. Namely, if even DHS and DOJ refuse to trust the new nonadversarial process they are creating with respect to denials, then how is that same process reliable to produce approvals? What would the Left say about a Trump Era asylum rule that created a rushed adjudication system where only denials were final and approvals had to go through a much more complicated and onerous process?

Mark Krikorian, writing in National Review, notes:

What that means is that the White House plan for dealing with the surge of new illegal immigration — which will come on top of the existing historic surge of illegal immigration — is not to halt the surge but to launder it by granting asylum immediately to virtually all those who jump the border. The goal is to "process" hundreds of thousands of border jumpers in an "efficient and fair" manner so that they're no longer illegal aliens. Once they've been re-christened as asylees (and thus on a path to citizenship), there are no more messy questions about whether they'll show up for court and whether they'll leave when they lose their asylum claim (as most currently do).

With thousands and thousands of these claims set to be rubber-stamped, it's pretty obvious that this is a usurpation of Congress's sole lawful authority to set immigration numbers for entry into the States.  From the migrants' perspective, only a fool would try to immigrate legally now that instant citizenship just for crossing illegally is what's on offer.

Every migrant who gets that cheaply handed out "asylum" will make a mockery of the entire idea of asylum.  Unlike actual asylees fleeing bona fide persecution in their home countries, these new "asylees" will be free to fly back and forth to the country they claim is trying to kill them, and send remittances to fatten up the governments of those same countries that are supposedly persecuting them.  Think any of them will forgo that out of "credible fear of persecution" as the asylum claim goes?  Just watch the flight counts to Central America at Miami and LAX when this goes into effect.

Fact is, most of these people about to be granted asylum aren't asylees.  Most have already crossed multiple borders, paid cartels huge sums of cash to get smuggled in, engaged in country-shopping in order to obtain the best jobs and benefit packages, and come from the lower middle class, not the dirt-poor of their respective countries.  It's quite different from the situation of Ukrainians, whose literate and productive citizens are fleeing live bombs with no homes or even cities to return to and taking any port in a storm.

The asylum process is about to become twisted into a backdoor means of admitting all illegals, no matter how much the cost and how little the country can benefit from them.

The worst aspect of this "instant yes" scam is that these line-jumpers will have an instant path to U.S. citizenship after they get that quickly handed out asylum.  Because of that, Democrats will have the voter base they are seeking, and much sooner than they could expect through court channels.  The whole thing is a fiasco for rule of law, and little more than a plan to import Democrat voters who won't need to cast ballots illegally to give Democrats the result they want.

How this could be legal is really pretty germane to the issue.  These Biden workarounds, usurpations, and caterings to illegal activity should be challenged to high heaven in court, broadcast in the press, and criticized in the halls of Congress.

Republicans should raise hell about it, because it makes a mockery of citizenship, rule of law, and basic justice.

Image: Screen shot from BBC video via YouTube.

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