As Biden's blunders fuel talk of invoking the 25th Amendment, Kamala steps up to support him by proving she would be worse

When it comes to evaluating the elevation of Kamala Harris to the vice presidency, you can't be too cynical.  Everything about the woman invites contempt, from her entry into politics by becoming the mistress of a married man decades older than she to the absolute disaster that was her presidential campaign that didn't even last until the Iowa caucuses to the rash of staff resignations and the pervasive talk of her laziness and irascibility on the part of departed employees.

But there is one task she is more than capable of fulfilling: serving as an insurance policy against removal of Joe Biden from office by invocation of the 25th Amendment or impeachment.  Almost as if she took this role as her charter and devoted uncharacteristic creativity and energy to the task, she has been delivering public statements of such triteness and imbecility that no rational person could really want her to succeed to the presidency.

Thursday saw another contribution to Joe Biden's hold on his office when she delivered comments on Jamaica (her father's native country) that helped tamp down the recently rising talk of invoking the 25th.

Pray for the Republic!

Photo credit: Twitter video screen grab (cropped).

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