Behind the masks

Behind the masks these days are frightened children and nervous adults who are being carefully schooled to see the world as scary and dangerous — and coerced to take ineffective defensive measures.

Just recently, I saw an older man with wide eyes and a masked face driving alone in his car.  Why?  Why would anyone choose to wear a fresh air–constricting, sound-blocking face covering with no danger of any kind to threaten his immediate well-being?  The misinformation and fear surrounding the masks we have all been asked to wear are overwhelming.

The city of Philadelphia has once again mandated masks for indoor settings without any serious proof that they do any good for anyone.  How many other cities are likely to follow "in an abundance of caution," as the bureaucrats like to say?

Behind the masks are American souls not allowed to shine, not allowed to breathe freely, not allowed to flourish.  Behind the masked children is an adult with a pathology known as "Mass Delusional Psychosis (MDP), a term coined by psychiatrist Dr. Mark McDonald, an abnormal way of thinking based on a fixed false belief — a belief rooted in fear, bad science, and destructive ideas.

Behind the mask, too, is an unfolding experiment involving human suffering.  As a result of Mass Delusional Psychosis, we have seen unprecedented levels of childhood depression, childhood anxiety, learning disorders, and suicidal ideation.  By preventing a critical element of human communication — the use of facial expressions and other non-verbal cues — we have lost a lot of the nuances, the true essence of what people are actually expressing.

As a result, the bonding among children and between children and adults has been subjected to a form of post-traumatic stress.  Because of the masks, bonding is impossible; worse, people are subject to being misread or unheard.  The possibility that this PTSD will be long-lasting or permanent, even after the charade of masks comes to an end, is ever-present.

Behind the masks we force children to wear is a child of God whom we have made into a slave of fear — fear of the pandemic, the fear created by the media, and fear generated by health care bureaucrats.  This fear has caused more harm than the virus itself.  In my view, causing unnecessary fear in children is abusive and cruel.

How many appreciate the fact that the masks we force kids to wear constitute a human science experiment?  Although we have some idea of the short-term problems they cause, we really don't have any idea of the long-term damage that may be involved.

Think about it.  When we turn our children over to government authority — for a science experiment or for educational indoctrination — we risk our future well-being.  We have too often abrogated our parental authority to the government.  Follow the rules that don't follow the science, or else face the consequences.

We have not been allowed to speak openly against the authority of government despite the freedoms codified in the Bill of Rights.  Doctors have been censored when they speak out against tyrannical COVID policies.  My recent appearance on Highwire with Del Bigtree has been removed from YouTube for "misinformation."  Yet the alleged misinformation is not specified, and there is no appeal possible.  Behind every mask in our society now is a censored child and a censored society.

It's not too late to stop the mandates, stop the madness, and stop the harm.  The founders of this country pledged their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor in endorsing the Declaration of Independence.  We must rededicate ourselves and our generation to the same founding principles; we must re-establish our unquestioned right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

We have not been vigilant to this duty in recent years and, as a result, our liberties have been slipping away.  Remember Thomas Jefferson's words: "Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty."

Image: Matti Blume.

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