Media that gleefully pilloried the Catholic Church over pedophilia charges avert their eyes over much larger schoolteacher pedophilia problem

Imagine if seven  separate charges of pedophilia against Catholic priests had surfaced in one day.  The progressive media would have blared the total on front pages and on newscasts all day long.

But yesterday, seven separate cases of accused pedophile teachers came to light, and it took astute blogger (and veteran newspaperman) Don Surber to put together the story of the crime wave.

Courts across the country on Thursday dealt with 7 pedo cases involving teachers. Here are the 7 news stories.

THV reported, "An Arkansas middle school teacher was arrested and charged with two counts of rape and computer exploitation of a child. 

"According to the Warren Police Department, 23-year-old Kaitlyn Raines who worked as an 8th grade social studies teacher at Warren Middle School, was arrested on April 12 by city police and the Bradley County Sheriff's Department."

WHBY reported, "A former Green Bay band teacher faces child sexual assault charges.

"Twenty-six-year-old Kelton Jennings is charged with Repeated Acts of Sexual Assault of a Child and First-Degree Child Sex Assault–Sexual Contact with a Child Under 13."

WNEP reported, "A former Lackawanna County teacher pleaded guilty to sexually exploiting a child online.

"Jaime Chorba of Archbald was a teacher in the Valley View School District when he was first arrested back in 2020.

"According to court paperwork, the investigation showed he received child pornography between 2016 and 2020."

KTLA reported, "A 53-year-old man who works as a substitute teacher has been arrested on suspicion of child sexual abuse, authorities said Wednesday.

"Detectives assigned to the sexual assault unit of the Riverside Police Department began investigating allegations of sexual abuse against a minor earlier this month.

"They arrested Carl Jess Sanchez, of Riverside, on April 9. He was booked on suspicion of aggravated sexual assault and lewd and lascivious acts against a child under 14. His bail was set at $1 million, police said."

The Charlotte Observer reported, "A former North Carolina music professor who pleaded guilty to trafficking an underage student for sex will spend the next five years behind bars, a federal judge decided Thursday.

"Stephen Shipps, 69, admitted last year to sexually abusing one of his violin students in 2002. Women who studied violin with him at the University of North Carolina School of the Arts when they were teens said that he molested them too on campus and in his home."

WKRN reported, "A former Sumner County teacher, accused of soliciting students for sex, is back behind bars.

"Carrie Norman, the Westmoreland woman who once taught at Bethpage Elementary School, now faces new simple possession charges in addition to charges alleging she offered money to a 16-year-old boy in exchange for sex. Investigators say she also sent nude photographs of herself."

Patch reported, "A youth sports coach has been arrested on suspicion of the rape of a student at a Sunnyvale middle school where he taught in 2009, public safety officials said Tuesday.

"Phillip Anthony James was arrested Monday in connection with the alleged sexual assault of a student at Cupertino Middle School, according to the Sunnyvale Department of Public Safety.

"James retired from teaching three years ago but was still a volunteer softball and basketball coach at Fremont High School in Sunnyvale at the time of his arrest, public safety officials said."

The research is via An Open Secret, which exposes Hollywood pedos.

I am not complaining that the Catholic Church's problems should have been ignored by the media.  The institutional failure of the Church to confront its pedophile priests caused great suffering among innocent children.

But that suffering and institutional failure apparently is dwarfed by the magnitude of the pedophilia and grooming problem (they are closely related) in government schools.  In both institutions, people entrusted with leadership responsibilities failed their young charges and used them for their own perverse sexual gratification.  The media highlighted pedophilia cases in the Church to the point that pedophile priests became a cliché because of their hostility to the Catholic Church for its unwavering commitment to unchanging moral standards given by God (including the sanctity of human life).  But now that government schools have become indoctrination camps, dominated by left-wing teachers' unions and boards of education that do their bidding, the media usually limit coverage of teachers' pedophilia to local media, if that.  (The sole exception seems to be hot young female teachers who have posed for pictures in provocative outfits.)

Of course, not all teachers are pedophiles.  Just as was true for priests, many people selflessly devote themselves to the cause of helping others.  But there needs to be strict scrutiny of those who seek to be put into the classroom, and awareness, as David Mamet recently pointed out, that pedophiles gravitate toward occupations that put them in contact with vulnerable children.

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