A Scottish school of midwifery has completely jumped the gender shark

The only reason it's possible to believe that the news out of Scotland is true is that The Times of London (which is behind a paywall, so I'm not citing it) published it.  That staid paper is not known for lying.  What is that news?  Student midwives at Napier University were taught, quite seriously, that men, complete with male sexual organs (inside and out), can get pregnant.  Worse still, the students were too cowed by the tyranny of wokism to challenge this nonsense.

Thankfully, The Sun, which is not behind a paywall, has the same report:

At Edinburgh Napier University, students are being taught about it as part of an online module.

In a change to its advice on catheterisation, Napier switched "women" to "birthing people".

Some women have to be catheterised during labour to empty their bladder, and the module includes guidance to help women.

As part of the module, instructions are also being offered on how to catheterise a penis.

The instruction notes: "Male persons should be warned of discomfort."

Nor was this an accident.  The students received an email warning them that

"This update was made to take account of the fact that while most times the birthing person will have female genitalia, you may be caring for a pregnant or birthing person while is transitioning from male to female and may still have external male genitalia.

"You need to be familiar with the catheterisation procedure for both the female and male anatomy. For this reason, where appropriate, this book refers to the person or birthing person."

The nonsense there is unbelievable: these students were taught that a guy who's on the verge of getting his penis lopped off can present to the hospital as pregnant and in labor, and therefore require that still-existing penis to be catheterized.

Image: "Pregnant man" and "pregnant person" emojis from Emojipedia.

This is what the commitment to the lunacy of so-called transgenderism does: it breaks people's brains to the point at which the fantasy becomes reality.

Sadly, because of the tyrannical hold leftists have on academia in the English-speaking world, students did not feel comfortable pushing back against the craziness emanating from their faculty.  One student wrote, "We have to write an essay for this course.  I have only referred to women and pregnant women and I have this nagging worry that I'm going to lose points."

The one thing that's certain is that there is nothing marginalized about LGBTQ+++ people.  They have managed to manipulate society to the point at which they are beyond challenge or criticism.  That means they hold all the power.  However, no society has ever survived long when its rulers were insane.

It's to be hoped that sanity returns to the Western world (most specifically, the English-speaking Western world) and puts the kybosh on this.  If we don't act soon, we will regress to the point at which we live in caves and communicate with grunts.

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