Who knew that the Democratic Governors Association supports people who are tough on crime?

The Democratic Governors Association is running continuous ads against a black Republican candidate in the Republican primary in Illinois with claims that he is soft on crime.

Here's the story:

Group's Ad Attacking Aurora Mayor Richard Irvin Is 'Telling the Truth,' Gov. Pritzker Says

Gov. J.B. Pritzker on Tuesday defended a television ad paid for by the Democratic Governors Association that attacks one of the Republican challengers for governor as "simply telling the truth."

The ad, which was released last week, attacks Aurora Mayor Richard Irvin for his years as a criminal defense attorney. Irvin, who has the backing of billionaire hedge-fund chief Ken Griffin, has made blaming Pritzker for increasing crime a central point of his campaign.

The ad talks about his time as a defense attorney, where he defended criminals. 

This is mighty rich coming from Democrats, whose talking points for years have included defunding the police, holding up dead criminals as heroes, demonizing citizens who fight back against criminals, and always looking for reasons to let convicts out of prison.

The howls about Irvin acting as a defense attorney are especially rich.

After all, the vaunted new Supreme Court justice, Ketanji Brown Jackson, defended terrorists at GITMO and gave soft sentences to pedophiles, and Democrats cheered. 

No matter how lenient Democrat governors and mayors are to criminals, and no matter how many soft-on-crime D.A.s George Soros gets into office, there are no campaign ads by the Democrat Governors Association against these kinds of people.

But a black Republican lawyer runs in a Republican primary, and the attack ads come out. 

The Democratic Governors Association clearly cares little about crime.  All they care about is maintaining power, and a black Republican appears to be the candidate they fear the most in the general election.

Their hypocrisy is showing.

Image: Pixabay, Pixabay License.

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