Why should people who endlessly lie get power?

I'm talking about the mainstream media, of course. Why should these people continue to be powerful and paid attention to?

Wouldn't enemies of the people be appropriate?

The media has gone from informing the public to intentionally misinforming the public. 

The social media oligopolists are especially dangerous as they continually suppress anyone whom they disagree with. It has nothing to do with facts or hate. They are the haters. They hate anyone who dares disagree with them. 

They peddled the Russian collusion story for years. Not once did they silence the liars.

They don't even want leftist judges to be asked any questions because they never ask questions.

They seek to destroy Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas's wife, Ginni Thomas, but they never care about radical leftists who actually rule depending on the agenda of the day. Legitimate leaders actually look at the text of the law and the Constitution before they make a move. 

The media doesn't give a damn about how corrupt the Bidens are any more than they cared about Hillary or all the other criminals in the Obama administration. 

The following article from the Daily Wire demonstrates the depth of the collusion of the media and swamp creatures to hide the truth from the public before and after Mark Zuckerburg spent $400 million to subvert election laws in several states. 

Hunter Biden Laptop Revelations Uncover Depth of Elite Institutional Corruption

Most people pretending to be unbiased journalists care about one thing and that is the power for leftists to remake and destroy America. 

That makes them less than worthless and extremely dangerous. 

This story, at its heart, is about a willful distortion and suppression of truth and reality by those who believe they will never be held accountable.

Image: Pixabay / Pixabay License

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