Who is to blame for the war in Ukraine?

What happens when crime in a city starts to increase dramatically?  Whom do the inhabitants blame?  Not the criminals, of course, because they are doing exactly what they are supposed to do — according to their nature.  Instead, people blast the police force and, in particular, police chiefs, who are supposed to show leadership and ensure order in the community.  It is the chiefs who are failing to act as they should.

Russia's bandit regime has invaded Ukraine, a sovereign European nation.  Something unbelievable is happening before our eyes: Russian planes bomb Ukrainian cities; Russian rockets fall on houses, daycares, stores, streets; a woman gives birth under bombardment in the Kyiv subway; Russian tanks advance on the Ukrainian capital.  Blood is shed in torrents, the dead are numbered in the thousands, and all this is taking place in Europe, not in Zimbabwe or Western Papua.  Who is to blame?

One really can't blame Putin, camarilla, or Putinized Russia.  That's because they act in full conformity with their well known nature, so the whole event could have been foreseen.  Instead, we must blame ourselves, and I use "ourselves" in the broad sense, meaning the Western (that is, civilized) world.  It is we who have allowed and keep allowing this crime to happen.

(A stern reminder: 80 years ago, the Western world allowed the Catastrophe, or the Shoah, to happen.  Hitler was the engine, but he never hid his intentions, so the civilized world knew what was coming.  But Great Britain and America, which could have stopped the slaughter, did not.  They refused to bomb the railways to Auschwitz and never even protested Nazis slaughtering Jews.)

However, Americans must admit to more specific guilt: they failed to stop the Democrat party's power-grab.  In its modern incarnation, the Democrat party name is deceptive: its members are revolutionaries, crypto-communist-Islamists (represented by Obama, the Clintons, Pelosi, Schiff, Biden, and their ilk plus the  "Republicans in name only").  These Democrats have started bloody wars in the Middle East; financed theocratic Iran, helping the deranged mullahs to create a nuclear arsenal; and done nothing to stop China in its offensive against the whole world.  Biden explicitly told Putin that American would not intervene against a Russian "incursion" in Ukraine — after which Putin did what he was supposed to do: he launched his blitzkrieg.

Image: Vladimir Putin (cruel by nature).  YouTube screen grab.

Americans failed when they did not vote overwhelmingly for Republicans and allowed the Democrats to steal the election rather than taking to the streets in protest.  Now the world might have to pay for this with a nuclear war.

That war may not even be with Russia over Ukraine.  It could be with Iran over Israel.  Israel cannot allow the mullahs to have atomic weapons and will be forced to use extreme measures to prevent such a situation.  Or perhaps it will be with China because of Taiwan.  The alternative will be to degrade to the level of a third-hand banana republic.  Nothing similar would have happened under a Republican government headed by Donald Trump.

It would be inappropriate to explain here why it has happened as it has happened, but here are the facts: beginning in the last century, America began to guarantee the civilized world's existence.  America stopped World War I with a powerful intervention in Europe; the U.S. practically won World War II (without its multifaceted participation, the victory was quite in doubt); the U.S. saved Europe economically (with the Marshal Plan) and militarily (against the Soviet onslaught in the 1950s); and the U.S. won the Cold War against the USSR, creating a better world.

The U.S. became "a sheriff in town."  This sheriff might be not the best one possible, but the world does not have and cannot have a better one.  The world has no other force able to defend our civilization from today's barbarians.

Therefore, it follows that what we should do is obvious and there is no choice: vote for Trump and those politicians who support him.  Again, it does not matter whether they are good or not quite good: there is nobody better.  Trump, his ideas. and his party are the only fortress wall between us and the complete crash of the civilized world.

To see the direction in which we're currently heading, here is Biden's freshly nominated adviser for the disposal of radioactive waste, Sam Brinton:

Do we want a government composed of beings like this?  Do we want a Sam Brinton to command our army or to sit on the Supreme Court?  Please "use your brain devices," as was ordered of us, young cadets of the Red Army, by our colonel more than seventy years ago.

Igor Mel'čuk is a scientist, ex-Soviet ex-dissident, professor emeritus at the University of Montreal, and member of the Royal Society of Canada.

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