The lady should answer a few questions

Don't expect anyone to appear out of the blue with a story about what Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson did when she was 17 or some crazy college parties that she went to.

Do expect some serious questions about her judicial philosophy or her attitudes about the U.S. Constitution.  I found this analysis from Kristan Hawkins, president of Students for Life of America, to be on target:

Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson has a Constitutional problem, which should concern everyone who cares about the kind of power a judge can seize with the stroke of a pen.

Case in point: On the issue of abortion, Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson helped defend what isn't in the Constitution — barbaric late-term partial birth abortion. And she ignored what is in the Constitution — free speech rights for pro-life Americans.

For a pro-life, student-oriented group like mine, Judge Jackson's record on free speech strikes at the heart of our business model, in which students choose to engage on behalf of the human rights issue of the day. Their speech, their choice, right?

Another problem is that she won't answer a question about packing the Court, according to Senator McConnell.

Packing the Court is not some hypothetical question about a future case that comes to the Court.  I can understand judges punting on those questions, but packing the Court is very different.

Are there are enough votes to stop this nomination?  Probably not, but I would love to hear from Sen. Joe Manchin about packing the court.

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Image: Harvard University (extracted image) via Wikimedia CommonsCC BY-SA 4.0.

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