China having a grand old time mocking Joe Biden's 'peace' efforts in Ukraine

It's bad all over for the man who's "been wrong on nearly every major foreign policy and national security issue over the past four decades." as former CIA director Bob Gates famously put it in his memoirs.

The United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia wouldn't take his phone calls. The European states are stepping forward as the chief problem solvers to the Ukraine dilemma. Venezuela apparently laughed in his face when he asked them to pump more oil. El Salvador's president tweeted about America as a nation in decline, rotting from within.

Now China's mocking him. Start here:

I wasn't sure what he was referring to, but a trip to the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesperson Twitter sites revealed an amazing raft of piss and vinegar all directed at the U.S. and Joe Biden.

First, what looks like the mockery of Joe's diplomacy:

And some other knife-twistings, this one a shot at Bidenflation:

Some Cold War-era recrudescences about the U.S. being a "war-monger."

And some hypocrisy about refugees.

How many Ukrainian refugees has China accepted? And more importantly, how many want to go there?

All of these characters making these rude tweets are authorized Chinese government spokespersons, people who have access to Twitter as ordinary Chinese do not. You can bet this stuff is coming from the Chinese government, from its very own homegrown Jen Psakis. They're mocking Joe. They respect him not. And Biden's efforts to deal with China as a means of checking Russia seems to be having no useful effects whatsoever. They're literally laughing at him.

It doesn't get more pathetic than this.

Image: Twitter screen shot

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