The correlation between vaccines and the Ukraine-Russia war

When you look back over the last 60 years and think of anti-war types, they've been Democrats and other leftists.  Also, when you look back over the last two years and think of pro-lockdown, pro-mask, and pro-vaccine types, they've also been Democrats and other leftists.  With those two facts in mind (anti-war but pro-totalitarianism), you'll find as fascinating as I did a poll out of Canada looking at the different responses vaccinated versus unvaccinated people have to the conflict in Ukraine.

Jack Posobiec tweeted out a chart based on data from EKOS Research Associates, a Canadian polling company, showing that the more vaccinated people were (three or more shots), the higher their rates of support for doing anything they could to support Ukraine, including Western military involvement:

Gil McGowan, the president of the Alberta Federation of Labor, thinks he knows why this is:

I have my own theory, and it doesn't involve lacking empathy or being selfish.  Instead, it's about the Cold War, the end of the Cold War, and the New World Order — and it applies to leftists whether in Canada or the United States (because I'm betting the results would be identical if someone asked the same questions of Americans).

During the Cold War, old-fashioned Democrats were anti-communist and supported the war.  These Democrats, though, became jaded for two reasons: (1) as veterans of WWII, they understood that the government was badly bungling the Vietnam War (helped along by Walter Cronkite's fake news about the Tet Offensive), so they soured on it, and (2) they realized that their children were the cannon fodder in this poorly handled conflict.

The new Democrats — the people on college campuses like Obama's friends Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn — were not anti-communist.  They were very pro-communist.  They opposed the Vietnam War for two reasons: (1) as products of American academia, they supported the Viet Cong, and (2) also as products of American academia, they opposed anything that would benefit what they were already viewing as an evil, imperialist, racist, sexist nation that did not deserve support.

Image: Code Pink anti-war protest 2006 by brads651 (CC BY-SA 2.0).  I would bet that every one of those women became a mask and vaccine fanatic.

When the next major conflicts rolled around — the Iraq and Afghanistan War — the 1960s war protesters had completed their takeover of academia.  They and the generations of students they had raised up opposed the war for two reasons: (1) they supported anyone who attacked America because they were another generation trained in anti-Americanism, and (2) they despised George Bush because he was not a Democrat, so his war was automatically bad.  (This is separate from whether the wars were wise.)

And then, along came Trump and COVID.  The anti-war protesters from the 1960s and the 2000s despised Trump more than any other human being, ever ("worse than Hitler").  Additionally, the young'uns had absorbed the concentrated America-hatred of two to three generations of leftist academics.  They embraced COVID, not just because they're fearful people, but because they saw it as an opportunity to destroy Trump.  They also quickly realized that COVID was giving them the political and social power they'd always dreamed of so that they could break down and remake America.

In both Canada and America, the new leftists, the ones who embraced COVID wholeheartedly, have in place hard-left governments that they support with religious fervor for sharing their dream of destroying the Western liberal democratic experiment.  These governments and their media outlets despise Putin.  (Some possible reasons: the Trump Russia hoax; Putin's hostility to gays; Putin not being a communist.)  Conversely, these governments and their media outlets like Ukraine because, at least since 2014, it's been a money-laundering nation (e.g., Hunter Biden + Burisma), which all corrupt government governments and ruling class people need.

The Canadian and American establishments are therefore propagandizing wildly for Ukraine and seeking to outdo each other in their rhetoric.  (This is not to make Putin a hero.  He's bad, too.  They're all bad.  Only the civilians on the ground getting killed are the innocents in all this.)

That gets us to the massively vaccinated's strong support for the war.  They trust the establishment figures who shared with them a hatred for the West, pro-Western wars, Putin, and Donald Trump.  And if this ruling class says, "War is good," well, damn!  This war must be a good one.

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