It's time to stop viewing Disney as a family-friendly company

I was raised on Disney fare, and I let my children (now grown) watch Disney material.  In the years after WWII and before wokeism struck, Disney produced movies and TV shows that fit squarely within traditional, family-friendly values.  The material may not have been elevating or deep, but it was fun without being offensive.  That Disney is long gone.  The latest sign of Disney's surrender to the hard left occurred when Disney's CEO, Bob Chapek, apologized to radicalized workers for not publicly opposing a Florida bill to ban teachers of kindergarteners through third-graders from teaching about gender and sexual identity.

From the Daily Mail:

Embattled Disney CEO Bob Chapek told employees during a virtual town hall Monday that he regretted not taking a public stance against Florida's controversial 'Don't Say Gay' bill.

Chapek, who is already facing leadership problems amid a rift with his predecessor, Bob Iger, and discontent from employees who remain loyal to Iger thanks to his glittering tenure at the helm of the entertainment giant, said that Disney made a mistake by not publicly decrying the bill. 

'I and the leadership team are determined to use this moment as a catalyst for more meaningful and lasting change,' Chapek, 61, said during a rushed virtual town hall meeting.


Chapek also pledged to fiercely oppose Texas Governor Greg Abbott's attempt to investigate parents of children undergoing gender-transitioning procedures for child abuse, The Wall Street Journal reported.

So Disney has just become the standard-bearer for grooming grade-schoolers and encouraging the surgical and chemical mutilation of children.  To get an idea of what the latter means, a woman named Helena has written a detailed essay explaining how she got sucked into the gender rabbit hole in school, ended up "transitioning" through hormones without any counseling or even medical tests, and then spent years trying to claw her life back.  It's heartbreaking, and it's what Disney now affirmatively supports.

Image: Disney's Bob Chapek, who has bowed to the LGBTQIA+++ left.  YouTube screen grab.

But Disney's been going down the drain for years.  One of the creepiest things about Disney is the number of Disney TV stars who were sexually abused or exploited, whether by Disney employees or by other people in their orbit during their Disney years.  That list includes Jordan PruittRicky GarciaBella ThornePaz de la Huerta, and others.  Miley Cyrus stands out as someone who must have had some very weird experiences on those Disney sets.  Additionally, as a list by the Sons of St. Joseph demonstrates, innumerable young Disney stars went on to lives and careers involving extremely non-traditional, and sometimes criminal, sex.

Last year, Christopher Rufo revealed that the Disney company has gone all-in on race-hatred (i.e., Critical Race Theory).  That's an ironic turn of events, considering that Disney has locked away in a vault its 1946 film Song of the South, based upon the Uncle Remus tales, because of its racist depiction of happy slaves who loved the White people who owned them.  And just last week, it apologized for a drill team's homage to the Native American's warrior spirit.

And of course, Disney has been all over the LGBTQIA+++ issue.  In 2019's Frozen 2, the sequel to 2013's hugely popular Frozen, Elsa is clearly about to engage in a same-sex relationship.  In 2020's Onward, there's a gay police officer.  The 2021 movie Luca was an entirely unsubtle allegory about homosexuality and transgenderism.  Also in 2021, Disney's Muppet Babies — aimed at the 3- to 5-year-old set — had a two-part episode dedicated to Baby Gonzo wanting to be a cross-dressing Cinderella and schooling the other Muppets to celebrate his gender identity.

The Gonzo-rella episode should have clued all of us in to the fact that Disney is run by people who want to groom your child.  Indeed, some of the employees appear to want an even more active role in grooming children, as four Disney employees were arrested last week in a child-trafficking sting.  In another sting last August in Florida, the police busted another two Disney employees on pedophilia charges.  The same happened in 2019.  Admittedly, Disney has thousands of employees worldwide, and these arrests represent a minute fraction of that number but it's not a good look for a company that seems determined to groom young people into early and inappropriate sexuality.

Because Disney has a 100-year-long reputation of family-friendly fare because of Walt Disney, people are going to continue to shovel money to that company, whether it's going to one of the "kingdoms," subscribing to Disney+, paying for movie tickets, or buying merchandise.  That's a shame, because Disney will not change its anti-family trajectory until its bottom line is affected.

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