The 30-something man

President Biden can't catch a break, or maybe he just made too many bad decisions the first week of his presidency.  Put me down as one of those who believes that "he did that" by listening to a crowd of people deeply impacted with Trump Derangement Syndrome.

The latest WSJ poll is about as bad as it gets, via Ed Morrissey.  Let's check his numbers on major issues:

Economy: 39/59

Inflation: 34/63

Strong leadership: 41/57

Securing the border: 33/57

Crime: 33/56

Talk about being under.  It reminds me of the pitcher doing a postgame interview and saying he did not bring anything to the game: fastball had no zip, curve did not break, and the change-up hung up there too long.

So what do you do at the White House?

First, do nothing, and fly the airplane full of Democrats into a mountain called the midterms.

Or, second, fire the activists who got him in trouble in the first place — i.e., immigration and climate change activists. 

No matter what, it seems that we are watching Exhibit A of what they call a "crisis of confidence" in a parliamentary system.  Of course, we don't have that system.  The president is not resigning, and no one in his right mind wants the vice president running anything, so we are stuck with this until the next election.

The 30-something man can't do anything right, and the Dems know it.

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Image: Phil Murphy.

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