Dumb, Dumber, and the Democrats' Dumpster Fire

What happens when you have uninformed, immature child-adults who happen to be the correct chronological age voting for government leaders?  Precisely what we have now: two totally unfit, inept, unqualified imbeciles representing the United States on the world stage during a time of tremendous crisis.

Biden and Harris are spinning through "Dumb" and "Dumber" at such blinding speed it's impossible to know who's filling which role at any given moment.

Harris can't put together a coherent sentence geared to anyone over three years old to save her own life.  This is incredibly troubling during a world crisis.  She is a thoroughgoing embarrassment to capable intelligent women everywhere.  God forbid Joey keels over, and we're left with this cackling chicken as our president!

As for Biden, he is the ultimate definition of an empty suit.  If his lips move, you can lay odds that he's lying.  Sanctions?  Sure!  We'll do sanctions (that will have zero effect or won't show any result for at least three months — long after it's all over in and for Ukraine unless there's a miracle).  In the meantime, the U.S. is still buying Russian oil to the tune of millions of dollars per day.  Every time the price of a barrel of oil goes up and every time any one of us buys a gallon of gasoline, Putin gets more of America's money.

If we truly want to impact Russia's incursion into Ukraine, we would immediately (as in today) halt all purchases of Russian oil, and we wouldn't even consider importing from Venezuela.  Maduro is one of Putin's closest allies.  Buying oil from Maduro ensures that Vlad gets whatever money he needs to continue his war against the people of Ukraine through loans or grants.  And let's be real: Putin is waging a war against [warning: graphic image] women and children.  He's bombing civilian targets.  He's bombing lines of refugees simply wanting to escape.  He's not going after military targets, and it's probable that he's already deployed thermobaric bombs, which suck the oxygen out of the air within a radius of 200 (approximately 8 acres) to 300 meters (17 acres) and are capable of vaporizing any living thing if it happens to be in the immediate vicinity of the bomb's detonation.

If Biden gave the green light to U.S. oil and gas companies to restart existing wells and begin producing as much oil as possible to supply America's needs, that would stop us funding Russia's war and bring down the cost of gas at the pump — now at around $4.00 per gallon across America and bound to go much, much higher.  They would be allowed to develop new wells and produce even more oil, making us independent of foreign oil supplies and strengthening our security.

Except that AOC and the Squad and the climate change activists would come unglued (and we can't have that, can we?).  Although, somehow, I don't think dear ol' Vlad in his fight with Ukraine is all that concerned about climate change.

Digging deeper into the Democrats' burning dumpster, we have a collection of woke Joint Chiefs of Staff more interested in pronouns and equity than in doing their job of recommending protective actions for our country during a time of incipient war, coupled with a zombie speaker of the House and nitwit Senate majority leader who oozes slime like Jabba the Hutt.

All of this brings us to the question of what is really going on.  My theory is that these are the first serious moves toward the Great Reset.

Take down the United States.  We've pretty much done this to ourselves by electing Biden, Harris, and the Democrats.  If we can survive until November, we might have a chance to stop the bleeding.  It only remains to be seen if the bleeding that's taking place will be fatal to this once great nation and that depends on whether we have a truly Conservative majority in the House and Senate that can put a halt to the insanity of the left, or if we end up with a bunch of RINOs and whining socialists again.

Take control of people's money.  We've pretty much done this to ourselves by becoming addicted to direct deposit, debit cards, credit cards, and payments by our smartphones.  However, what happened in Canada last month should be a key lesson to anyone who loves individual freedom.  Convenience comes with a price and the price associated with the convenience of digital money means whoever controls the banks controls our ability to access our money.  You say or do something someone in power doesn't like?  Zap!  There goes your bank account.  Trudeau crossed a line when he froze the accounts of people who wanted nothing more than an end to government-imposed vaccine mandates.  This action and the lack of outcry from around the world make it easier for Vlad to do the same to his people (which he's doing), and for other despots to do the same.

Take away freedom of speech.  Ever heard of cancel culture?  How confident are you nowadays when it comes to speaking up and speaking out on anything remotely conservative or right-leaning?  Whisper the name "Trump" anywhere in a crowd, and what happens?

We are nearing a crossroads for humanity's future.  Where will we be in two years?  Will we be freer, or will we be more enslaved?  It's up to us.

Between now and November and on into the future, know whom you're voting for.  Not just what they say, but what they've done in the past.  Words are cheap and easy.  (Just look at ol' Joe.)  Actions speak louder, so pay attention and then vote as if your life and the lives of your children and grandchildren depend upon it.  They do.

Stop taking the easy way out when it comes to purchasing.  Don't be wholly reliant on digital forms of money, which can be taken away from you with the press of a button.  Go back to demanding and carrying cash and using it whenever and wherever possible.  Prevent the government from beggaring you if you don't think or speak the way it thinks you should.  Take control of your bank account!  Look for alternative forms of currency.  Gold and silver will never go to zero, so consider them as options.  If you think the internet will survive and can't be taken over by the government, buy digital currencies.

Our future is largely in our hands.  Remember!  There are billions more of us than there are politicians and elites.

Image: CNN via YouTube.

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