SNL takes on Joe Biden's TikTok obsessions

Now that Joe Biden has defined his wretched presidency with his focus on TikTok and its "influencers," even Saturday Night Live is lampooning his TikTok obsessions.

They ran this one on Saturday:

It wasn't the funniest thing they've ever run, but it does demonstrate two things: that Biden is focused on symbolism and popularity rather than solutions, and SNL is no longer afraid to point it out.

The context of the skit was that doddering and senile old Biden had reportedly met with TikTok "influencers" to brainstorm with them about what they could do to end Russia's Ukraine war.  None of the characters consulted — a grab bag of various clowns such as a dog make-up specialist; a guy who said his own name over and over; AnnaLynne McCord, the blonde Hollywood ditz who recited Putin poetry claiming he needed a better mother; and some guy with a toilet plunger over his bare-chested nipple — had any ideas, of course. 

It was a lampoon on Biden's politics of symbolism, not results, which is wretched stuff in this day and age, demonstrating the enfeebled nature of his administration in a country that actually does have the reputation of being the most militarily powerful nation on Earth.  But here goes Joe Biden, focusing on the important thing, which is TikTok "influencers," and the skit was based on something that really happened.

According to the Washington Post, he "briefed" TikTok "influencers" about the war in Ukraine.

It was not all that funny — not just because of weak writing, but because America's actually a nation that could do something to help Ukraine win its war, and Biden instead really did turn to TikTok influencers.

It's not just polls-focused politics.  It's also hubris.  The idea behind the real meeting was that doddering Joe could actually influence the "influencers."  In Biden's mind, all he needs to do is influence these people instead of making his message clear to the American public, and he's got it made.  It must be a lot easier than co-opting the press, I suppose, but it's still co-opting and corrupting a media outlet of sorts with "narratives," which has been done on the rest of the press for years.  The public sees through it now. 

Instead of helping Ukraine, the Biden administration is focusing on getting TikTok "influencers" to win over U.S. voters.  It's about him, not Ukraine.  Nobody in Ukraine needs to be influenced about what it takes to win its war, not with bombs falling, nor does anyone in Russia.  Signs, symbols, and all that are feel-good devices targeting U.S. voters and polls in the states, and no substitute for victory.

And in any case, the skit wasn't nearly as grotesque as the real one the White House came out with a few months before — remember this one?

Sometimes, satire cannot match reality.

All this SNL skit does is point out that Biden is a total loser on the war front and basically unfit as commander in chief.  SNL can take a bow for getting that point across, but it's been known for months as the White House dotard slides in the polls.

Image: Screen shot from SNL video, posted on YouTube.

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