Is deterrence a dirty word?

Out here in the country, we have chickens and dogs, among other flora and fauna.  At this time of year, one or more of the chickens decides to roost, so we take the opportunity to get new chicks for Momma to raise.  We have a small area to keep them safe and warm.  When we go to check on them, our Lab, Maggie (feminine of MAGA), joins us.  Yesterday, Maggie got a little too close, and Momma attacked her viciously.  The next time, Maggie kept her distance at about six feet.

This is what we call "deterrence."  It is a word never uttered by the Biden administration or the fake news media.  Either this word is not in their vocabulary or it is a dirty word.

Instead, the administration has been doing the opposite with regard to Russia.  First, the regime attacked domestic oil by cutting off pipeline development and restricting leases on federal land.  Over the past year, demand has exceeded supply, drawing down stocks to the point where prices rose and Russia is flush with cash to wage the war in Ukraine.

Next, the regime bungled the Afghanistan exit in the most incompetent way possible.  We exited Bagram air base first, we left Americans behind, we imported unknown Afghans, and we lost millions of dollars of military equipment.  Seeing a performance like that, who wouldn't invade a neighboring country?  Now China has moved in to do business with them.  We no longer have a base in that part of the world.  Our dear leader has shown his fecklessness to the world.

Then, in November of last year, the regime signed a U.S.-Ukraine Charter on Strategic Partnership.  Here are a few excerpts from this ridiculous document:

Reaffirm the importance of our relationship as friends and strategic partners, based both on our shared values and common interests, including a commitment to a Europe that is whole, free, democratic, and at peace. Reiterate that the strategic partnership existing between our two nations is critical for the security of Ukraine and Europe as a whole.

Underscore that our partnership is founded on common democratic values, respect for human rights and the rule of law, and a commitment to Ukraine's implementation of the deep and comprehensive reforms necessary for full integration into European and Euro-Atlantic institutions in order to ensure economic prosperity for its people.

Emphasize unwavering commitment to Ukraine's sovereignty, independence, and territorial integrity within its internationally recognized borders, including Crimea and extending to its territorial waters in the face of ongoing Russian aggression, which threatens regional peace and stability and undermines the global rules-based order.

This kind of rhetoric is not called deterrence.  It is called provocation.  Here you have a world power and a state on the border of Russia acting like they are strong allies in the face of aggression.  This document was asking Putin to come on in and test the resolve of the United States.  So he did.

Now that there is a hot war in Ukraine, there is talk of escalation.  In a speech in Poland, Biden said Putin cannot remain in power.  This was promptly wordsmithed by the regime, but the damage has been done.  The Russians will continue to create havoc in Ukraine and around the world.  We are not going to stop Putin, but we will certainly keep annoying him.

I'd rather have a chicken as president.

Image: wlodi.

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