Immigration to the USA? Ukrainians need not apply

It's not brain surgery.  But our clown princess, V.P. Kamala Harris, muffed the response to a reporter's obvious question: "How many refugees  from Ukraine will the United States be willing to accommodate?"  

In her deathless fashion, Ms. Harris shunted the answer a normal person would have given by employing her secret vacuous weapon: her cackle, which timbre and timing have mystified and baffled ally and foe alike, without the concurrent conferring of power many sidesteps achieve by delicate tiptoeing through the fusillade of media points.

Truth is, as recently as Thursday, 17 March, the magisterial United States has absorbed a magnificent seven.

Seven.  Yul Brynner's seven.  Heaven's creative days of daring origin-story creativity.  Seven.

According to The Times of Israel, while that tiny state of not quite nine million souls has already taken in something on the order of 5,800 Ukrainians, Belarusians, and Russians fleeing the Putinesque graduate course in reconstituting the morose Soviet Union, the graveyard of millions starved, shot, and brutalized into the unhappy ground, Israel's Immigration and Absorption Ministry has been pinballing with the strain of vetting the incomers.  Who is Jewish, acceptable under the Law of Return, or has at least one Jewish grandparent?

Ayelet Shaked, in fact, according to reports from The Times of Israel and colleagues living in Israel reading the locals and exchanging the kosher scuttlebutt, has expressed the intention to let in 100,000 such refugees.  They plan to hire Russian- and Ukrainian-speaking indigenous Israelis to smooth the entrée into the remarkably industrious "can-do country."

Israel has fairly erupted in a furor over the numbers, the proposed shekels (close to $5M dollar-equivalent), and all the amenities — clothing, schooling, language training, general support for these new guests for X number of months — presumably until when the flaring battle is resolved.  Some of the refugees will be sent on if they are not acceptable by the terms of Israeli law.  Ayelet Shaked at the Ministry has a teeter-totter balance act to perform, it's evident.  

The differences between Israel and the U.S. involve far more than just sustaining monies and services.  In a country as riven by factionalism at every election as is the land of milk and not-always-sunny, Israel's population demo is of vital importance for the continued existence of the state, as a determined segment of this factional minority or that linguistic subgroup can swing an election, significantly altering Israel's viability.

It's not like the vast expanse where President Joe Biden has covertly salted away millions of unvetted, uneducated, unskilled, unwanted sneak-ins.  We are a huge landmass, and even millions of the people described in Emma Lazarus's immortal paean to infils, "The New Colossus" (1883), can't truly skew the election results in the very near term.


But most germane to the unloved, unjabbed, unboosted unwashed, they are swee'pea indecorous but likely Democrat voters, burnishing the fading luster of the fail party.  There's not much on the bench to crow about over the run-up to the midterms, and Kamala Harris, Ms. Cackle herself, knows that the DNC, in thrall to the radical Marxists of the Squalid — uh, Squad — and other unlovelies dedicated to the evisceration of all things legit and constitutional about this cushy sinecure they've filched by methods that even Upton Sinclair's scorching examination of corruption and contamination in the meat yards of Chicago in the early 20th century, The Jungle (1906), would have envied, lusts after bolstering the ranks of Democrats by hook and by crook.  

Hence, those speaking little or no English are welcome.  Those without marketable skills, ditto, so they can take the lowest tier of jobs and be forever grateful for the privilege of usurping the jobs and industries of our blue-collar strata.  

The grifters are expected to follow orders and vote like good little amnestypes.  And they are largely non-Caucasian.  


Ukrainians, as we have marveled at in the preceding weeks, have enormous grit.  They are polylingual, and their English is frankly more sophisticated, more often, than many natives'.

They are self-reliant and skilled.  They have resources in education and years of STEM training, many of them.  

And they are, mutatis mutandis, White.

Yikes.  Not what the Democrats are seeking at all.  At all.

So nasal Miz Harris with the insufferable kindergarten demeanor won't be welcoming these dire-need refugees with open arms and bailout millions she spewed for the criminals and thugs of BLM.  

Along with Cubans, who know communism and don't love it, and Haitians, who are not perceived to be cooperative future Dem voters, V.P. Affirmative-Hire will find her cohort radicals rejecting the prospective tidal wash of Ukrainians (Belarusskies and Russians) beyond supplying a modicum or two of Javelins and Stinger missiles, night goggles, and possible Polish MIGs of slightly expired vintage.  Nope.  Not gonna do it, as George Bush père used to say.  They'd much rather perspire under a mound of 154 nationalities swarming our fruited plains without smarts, English proficiency, or a rejection tropism against Lenin and Marx.

Lest this be misunderstood, the author does not advocate for additional myriads to suck dry our treasury and patience.  We just point out the injustice of no borders for the drifter Dem set, but "Closed, Sesame" for those who could lift the tenor of life in the U.S., without the gangs, fentanyl, and violence of the current border-jumping invaders.  

So expect more girlish giggles when Harris is confronted in the next pressers by similar questions.  Although her credibility is at near-nadir, still, she speaks with some bima clout.  Presumably.  

Inflection.  If you're smart, educated, savvy resilient, skilled, and oh-my White?  You need not show up on the runway.  Please don't come a-knockin' at our front door.

Image via Pixabay.

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