Florida Democrats expose both their dishonesty and moronic thinking

Florida's new law expanding parental rights bans sexual orientation and gender discussions in kindergarten through 3rd-grade classrooms (four- to eight-year-olds), deeming them developmentally inappropriate.  Democrats charged Florida with murderous homophobia and transphobia and coined the catchphrase "Don't Say Gay" to describe the law.  This is dishonest because that's not what the bill does.  As if to demonstrate that they have no good argument against the bill, Democrats protested the law's passage by saying "gay."  Yup.  That's their argument.

Here's the language that has Democrats in such an uproar:

Classroom instruction by school personnel or third parties on sexual orientation or gender identity may not occur in kindergarten through grade 3 or in a manner that is not age-appropriate or developmentally appropriate for students in accordance with state standards.

In other words, a four-year-old who is learning to put his shoes on the correct feet and seriously believes he might really be Spiderman should not be confused by being told he might also be a girl.  Likewise, tenth-graders should not be given books that contain graphic sexual acts outside a science class (and even then, in the old days, the books I got made them very science-y and not at all sexy).

However, the law is written so that if a child has "two mommies," the teacher can acknowledge it without going into complicated "instruction."  The teacher, after all, does control classroom discourse, and the kids can go home and ask their parents about it if they want.

Image: Say Gay video.  Twitter screen grab.

Democrats went ballistic, shrieking that this was unconscionable censorship to prevent six-year-old children from learning about their sexual orientation and gender identity.  And in a way, you can understand the Democrats' reasoning.  Leftists who put themselves on that LGBT spectrum define themselves first and foremost by their genitalia and what they do with them.  (Conservative gays don't do this.)

Here's what I mean.  I think of Baron von Steuben as a brilliant Prussian officer who "played a leading role in the American Revolutionary War by reforming the Continental Army into a disciplined and professional fighting force."  Washington couldn't have managed without him, and it's that for which he is (and would wish to be) remembered.  It's an interesting historical footnote that he was probably homosexual.

Nowadays, though, students would learn first that von Steuben was a homosexual.  They'd be taught about the Prussian military's approach to homosexuals and about how the Colonial era was rife with toxic masculinity, causing men like von Steuben to live secret lives, "adopting" their young lovers.  Oh, and by the way, von Steuben helped reform the Continental Army, which didn't allow openly gay men to serve.

It's a completely reductive view of people, making them no bigger than their sex lives.  Only Casanova or Don Juan would want that.  But that's how the LGBT crowd thinks, so, if you say little children shouldn't be confused by sexual identity, you are erasing the LGBTers because all they are is sexual identity.

Also, as Christina Pushaw noted, when it comes to inflating LGBT ranks, it helps to get them while they're young — which is what has been happening for years and which goes a long way to explaining why nearly 40% of Gen Z identify as LGBT):

This reductive thinking, which totally fails to explain why children 4–8 need to have their teacher explain pronouns to them, also explains the protest the Florida Democrats finally managed to put together to let everyone know how upset they are.  They marched through the Florida statehouse hollering "gay," and then they put out a video of people saying, "Gay."  That's it.  No insight, no analysis, no argument.  Just mindless repetition.  Only a moron would find this persuasive:

And just so you know, driving a wedge between parents and children isn't a byproduct of the Democrats' deep desire to make LGBT people happy.  It's the primary goal:

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