Dems tell Biden to drill

President Biden was in Texas on Tuesday.  His visit was so short that they didn't turn off the engines on Air Force One. 

It was a strange visit because Beto O'Rourke, the Democrat running for governor, did not get an invitation, or did not respond to it. 

Who knows?  Beto can't stop talking about the lights going out 13 months ago.

We do know that a few Democrats want more oil production, according to a letter posted on Fox News:

A group of Texas Democrats Tuesday called on President Biden to do more to unleash domestic energy production in the United States in the face of rising gas prices and reliance on foreign countries for energy.

Rep. Vicente Gonzalez, D-Texas, led a group of Texas Democrats in a letter to Biden Tuesday applauding his announcement to ban Russian oil imports while urging him to enact clear policies to help domestic energy producers boost energy output for the U.S. and beyond.

Drill, baby, drill, or something like that.

My guess is that these Democrats are not alone on this.  Every Democrat and Republican must be bombarded by angry constituents paying over $4 a gallon at the pump.  One of these Democrats, Rep. Henry Cuellar, is in a tough runoff against Jessica Cisneros, a Texas version of the Squad.  I'm sure that Mr. Cuellar will call for more drilling, and Miss Cisneros will call for more green energy.  It will be fun to watch which message moves the district.

I should add that some Texas Democrats, like Rep. Veronica Escobar of El Paso, did not sign the letter.  She said we should have "weaned ourselves off of fossil fuels" years ago.  She blamed the GOP but forgot that Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia and Senator Jon Tester of Montana are Democrats calling for more domestic production, too.

Last, but not least, I saw my first sign for $4 gas in North Texas.  It was eerie, to say the least.

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Image: Monica Showalter.

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