Biden's SOTU reassured nobody

Not surprisingly, President Biden's SOTU speech was a pack of lies from start to finish.  He takes no responsibility for baiting Putin into attacking Ukraine by threatening to welcome them into NATO.  He never meant it.  It was all a ploy, a disaster of his own making by stopping our own Keystone pipeline and all oil drilling on federal land the day he took office and ending the sanctions President Trump had put on Nord Stream 2, the Russian pipeline to Germany.  Biden's own incompetence and capitulation to the insane climate alarmists pulling his strings forced Germany into the economic arms of fuel-rich Russia.  Everything Biden has touched, every policy he has implemented has wrought economic disaster on our own nation.  Now the civilians of both Ukraine and Russia are being devastated and he accepts no responsibility.

He talked a bit about supporting "made in America."  Those phony words out of his mouth seemed stolen from Trump; Biden never cared about "made in America."  He cared only about enriching his family by any means necessary.  Ukraine was his, and Hillary's, financial playground.  Long corrupt itself, Ukraine has been used and abused by our Deep State operatives for decades.  Ukrainian oligarchs have always been happy to throw millions of dollars at our equally corrupt politicians to protect their own robber baron schemes.  Ukraine was the largest contributor to the Clinton Foundation while she was the sitting secretary of state.  The wholly unscrupulous Hunter Biden still gets something like $50K a month from Burisma.

"You don't necessarily need atomic bombs to destroy a nation. Politicians who value their pockets more than the life of citizens always do that every day."

―Israelmore Ayivor 

We are currently being ruled by the most disastrous, most destructive administration in American history.  For example, the people fomenting Putin's war on Ukraine are the same people who invented and perpetrated the Russia hoax for as long as they could make it last.  Sad to say, we are in the hands of lifelong corruptocrats bent on destroying America as founded.

Pelosi not exactly riveted by the rhetoric (YouTube screen grab).

The speech was a tissue of lies from beginning to end, including "let's not defund the police; let's fund them."  What a crock.  His V.P. and most of his party have been lobbying for BLM and against law enforcement for years now.  They celebrated the BLM rioters who did a couple of billion dollars of damage to numerous cities and have treated the unconstitutionally imprisoned patriots present at the Capitol on January 6 worse than terrorists.  He pretended to care about our veterans; he does not.  He has eviscerated our military with wokery and vaccine mandates. 

Biden robbed us of the energy independence Trump had achieved and continues to refuse to admit what a horrific mistake that was or even consider undoing the terrible damage done by those decisions.  And while he attacked Putin in his speech, he is buying at least $20M a day of Russian oil.  He stupidly mentioned the border as if he were not the person who has opened it to over two million illegal migrants, child sex–trafficking, and a massive increase in fentanyl.

Biden barely mentioned the inflation that is the most important issue for Americans, who are now paying 50% more for gasoline than they did when Trump left office.  Clearly Biden, and whoever wrote the speech, thinks the American people are really, really stupid.  This president is a blight not just on America, but on the world. 

As many seasoned observers and legitimate journalists have long noted, Joe Biden was never a particularly smart or decent man.  He had a much higher opinion of himself than anyone else does.  He was always wrong on any foreign policy issue at hand.  He was and remains a mean man; on that score, there are too many instances to list, but his attempted humiliation of Clarence Thomas at his confirmation hearings is sadly legendary.  That he became the president in 2020 was the result of a truly vast and fraudulent conspiracy, complicated and devious.  This was perhaps the biggest political crime in U.S. history, along with the Trump-colluded-with-Russia hoax, which has been thoroughly debunked along with all the other crimes Trump was said to have committed.

All those alleged crimes were dreamed up by Democrats, lowlife scoundrels like Adam Schiff, the ridiculous Ukrainian Lt. Colonel Vindman, and the rest of the venal left.  As Dennis Prager has noted for decades, "the truth is not a left-wing value."  Indeed, it is not.  They prefer the "big lies" that serve their purposes: winning at all costs in order to transform America into their version of a Marxist utopia.

They've succeeded rather wildly since Obama was elected. Each of our law enforcement institutions has been weaponized.  We are now routinely surveilled, censored, canceled, and mandated, and like our truckers, we are demeaned as deplorable if we hold incorrect opinions.  God bless those Canadian and American truckers who are sick of authoritarianism.  They speak for millions of us.  The freedom Americans have always taken for granted is seriously at risk.

Biden is not his own man; he's a front for the World Economic Forum and China, both of which have the goods on Biden and his immoral, unethical son.  He is clearly handicapped by worsening dementia.  The speech on Tuesday did nothing to reassure the millions of Americans frightened by nearly every aspect of this administration's actions and policies.  He and they care not one bit for the working people of this country or any other country.  We are all expendable, which may be why they have peddled dangerous vaccines to the world and why they refuse to release the actual data on vaccine deaths and injuries.

The only hope on the horizon is the Republicans taking the House and Senate in 2022 and the presidency again in 2024.  Otherwise, we are lost.

"When plunder becomes a way of life for a group of men in a society, over the course of time they create for themselves a legal system that authorizes it and a moral code that glorifies it." 

― Frédéric Bastiat

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