MUST-SEE VIDEO: A local TV newscast makes the most perfect mistake ever

Yes, this is a puff piece. But when you spend your days reading about Ukraine, the economy, the border, and all the other miserable things in 2022, and then spend another two hours on Biden's State of the Union address (one hour listening to it and a second hour writing about it), you have to take pleasure wherever you can find it.  And — oh, my goodness! — did I find it in a video someone grabbed of a local Pittsburgh news station's report about a local crime.  (Hat tip: Twitchy.)

What you must understand is that the news report ran a few hours before the State of the Union address.  The TV station was clearly planning to do a quick little news piece about that upcoming address.  However, some poor shlub charged with putting up the graphics got a bit ahead of himself so that Biden's picture appeared with an actual news story that was too perfect to be true.

I'm not going to describe any more of this because it will ruin the joke.  You must take the 13 seconds to see it for yourself.  Once you do, you'll understand why, over the course of just a few hours, it managed to rack up almost two million views:

It seemed to many people that the only thing inaccurate about that report is that Biden is 79, not 71.  But otherwise...

On the one hand, it's sad that we have a president about whom this is a perfectly reasonable joke.  On the other hand, in these trying times, we must laugh whenever we can, and I sure laughed, as I bet you will.

Image: Laughing man by KamranAydinov.  Freepik license.

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