'White supremacy' is the left's hammer, and you're the nail

The Trump presidency sent the left into paroxysms of hysterical terror.  How could that self-made billionaire beat their beloved and prototypically corrupt Hillary?  Everyone knows they cheated in 2016, too, but they seriously underestimated Trump's popularity.

Thus, the Russia hoax , begun during the campaign, was escalated.  It was an entirely fabricated story that they were certain would take Trump out hopefully before his inauguration.  That didn't happen, so they kept it up for years until the truth of their grand plan emerged.

In the meantime, they perfected their systems of perpetrating election fraud by 2020.  The fix was in.  The perpetually nasty Biden was installed by a cabal who knew well that he was suffering from dementia but thought they could manage him as they moved ahead with the Obama agenda: destroy America as founded.  Eric Hoffer was prescient when he observed long ago that "nowhere at present is there such a measureless loathing of their country by educated people as in America."

Along the way, though, far too many of the American people refused to go along with their carefully crafted plans.  Millions never believed the Russia hoax or any of the other invented tales of suspect criminality with which the left tried to malign President Trump.  They knew better, in part because common sense still prevails in some quarters outside the D.C. swamp and both coasts.  What to do about those Trump people?  Easy: Accuse them all of being white supremacists.  That will stick.  So the talking points were distributed, and in the blink of an eye, all Trump supporters were and are white supremacists.  The defund the police campaign relied on the false meme that all cops are white supremacists, even those who are black.  Larry Elder, a beloved California conservative, was labeled "the black face of white supremacy" as he ran to unseat the loathsome Gavin Newsom.  That was the L.A. Times! 

With COVID came a whole new list of reasons to indict millions of Americans as white supremacists.  If one opposed the lockdowns?  White supremacist!  Oppose the vaccines and vaccine mandates?  White supremacist!  Oh, and oppose that vicious racist nonsense known as Critical Race Theory?  White supremacists of the worst kind.  Oppose masking children?  White supremacists.

Their accusations don't have to make sense.  In their minds, the accusation is enough, no evidence, no proof required.  Oppose the Democrats' federal takeover of elections?  Whew!  That is the worst kind of white supremacy.  Never mind that the civil rights and voting rights acts of the 1960s, opposed by most Democrats, have guaranteed every American the right to vote ever since.  Support voter ID?  Racist white supremacist.

Canadian truckers who kept working throughout the alleged pandemic but oppose the vax mandates are peacefully protesting with their trucks.  Suddenly, these heroes who kept their country's shelves stocked over the past two years are now Nazis and white supremacists.  Ridiculous.  Those truckers are channeling Albert Camus, who wrote, "The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion."

There is of course no white supremacist movement in America, not since the KKK was prosecuted into extinction.  Joe Biden comes closer than anyone else in Congress to being an actual white supremacist, since Robert Byrd, his mentor, died.  Biden's record of racist statements should have kept him from running for any office in the land, but his kind of overt racism is rare.  Common is the Democrat party's brand of racism — their bigotry of low expectations.  It is the Democrats who think, as Kamala Harris asserted, that blacks don't have computers or know where the DMV is.  It is Democrats who think blacks cannot succeed without some kind of affirmative action.

The oh, so woke implementation of Diversity, Inclusion, Equity as required policy is just more of the left's innate racism on parade.  Teach every black and brown person that he is a victim of a racist society, that he will never achieve the American dream, and what do you get?  You get Black Lives Matter and the left's embrace of that group's violence.  Oppose the Soros-subsidized no bail nonsense that keeps putting violent criminals back on the streets, and you are definitely a white supremacist.  Excusing crime and violence makes the left feel so good, like saints — the opposite of those law-and-order white supremacists. 

What does the left's whole-hearted obsession with the use and abuse of the phrase "white supremacy" as the go-to denunciation of any and all persons who oppose their official narrative mean in the grand scheme of things?  It reveals leftists' own lack of character.  It means they are desperate.  They've lost the power game they play, the only game they know.  Their globalist tactics have failed; free people around the world want to remain free, and that is not part of their plan.  Lacking common sense themselves, they are gobsmacked that truckers are loaded with it, as are the vaccine-hesitant along with lockdown and mask opponents.

Trump supporters have common sense.  They can see clearly that this country was far better managed under Trump than Biden.  We were energy independent; now we are not.  The economy was healthy; now it is not.  Inflation is killing us.  Afghanistan was a catastrophic global mistake.  Our border was under control; now it is open to at least three million unvetted migrants who have entered the U.S. in just a year.  War may be imminent between Russia and Ukraine unless Putin is head-faking Biden.  Either way, every leader on the planet knows that Biden is the weakest president in U.S. history.

That is why, to the left, we are all white supremacists now.  It's their last gasp of an ideology based on nothing but the quest for power over the people. 

"The propagandist's purpose is to make one set of people forget that certain other sets of people are human." 

—Aldous Huxley

Image via Picryl.

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