VIDEO: If you want to know how much children have suffered for two years...

America's COVID policies began as a war on the elderly and have ended as a war on children.  In other words, they've followed perfectly the socialist trajectory.  And if you want to know just how much children have suffered over the past two years, all you must do is watch a viral video from Las Vegas showing children celebrating when they're told that they no longer need to wear masks.

It was immediately apparent that the elderly are most vulnerable to COVID.  Still, myriad Democrat governors announced policies forcing COVID-infected patients into old age homes.  I contend that this was done deliberately because, in socialized economies (and most Democrat-run states are at least semi-socialized), old people are considered dead weight: they no longer work (and their past working years funding the socialist pot are discounted), and they are a drain on the medical system.

It was also very quickly apparent that children are the least vulnerable to COVID.  We've known since early in 2020 that children do not spread COVID and, when they catch COVID, it's a mild cold for them.  In almost every case in which a child died, that child had preexisting serious comorbidities.  These are the same children who are, sadly, vulnerable to things such as the annual flu.

Still, the children had to suffer.  Only in that way could the all-powerful teachers' unions be placated.  The teachers, needless to say, were terrified of COVID.  They also have another, deeper goal, which I'll get to in a moment.

In the first COVID year, children were locked into their homes, stuck in front of computers, and told to learn.  The children did not learn.  The only good thing that came from that little experiment was that, across America, parents got a front-row seat in their children's classrooms and what they saw appalled them: hard-left curricula and, quite often, incompetent, equally hard-left teachers.

Image: Happy children.  YouTube screen grab.

After that first year, schools shifted to in-person learning, provided that the kids were allowed minimal contact with each other and had to wear masks.  By this point, let me reiterate, everyone knew that kids do not spread COVID and that if they catch it, it's no big deal.

Nevertheless, children were muzzled, something that interfered with both learning and socialization.  Even now, as Democrat governors are finally backing off the masks for adults because they're useless, many of them (New Jersey, New York, California, etc.) are insisting that children wear them.

The only reason to continue with the mask charade is to hurt children.  Socialized political regions always do that.  Just as the military knows that, to build up a soldier, you first must break him down in boot camp, leftists know that, if they are to own children, body and soul, they must disconnect them from their bodies.

For decades, American leftists have done this with sex.  They sold sex to ever-younger children.  In the past decade, leftists have further decoupled children from their bodies with the lunatic notion about free-floating gender identities.  And now, socialists have erased children's faces.  What better way to create the mindless party operative?

But the children have not been happy.  And if you doubt that, you only have to view this viral video showing children at an elementary school in Las Vegas upon learning that their masks are gone as of the following day (although you'll note that many of the children simply stripped off their masks immediately):

The teachers' unions need to be broken.  They care nothing about the well-being of the children affected by their stands.  Instead, the union collectives (not all the teachers individually, obviously) are hardcore political operatives who are interested in only two things: their own financial and personal well-being and the creation of dutiful socialist soldiers. 

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