Where is Ukraine 'defense minister' Alexander Vindman?

Remember Alexander Vindman?  He is the man whose "whistleblowing" about an innocuous phone call between President Donald Trump and Ukraine's President Volodymyr Zelensky turned America inside-out for months.

Playing into the now-proven Democrat and media hoax that Trump was some kind of dangerous foreign puppet, Vindman declared that his patriotism just wouldn't allow him to stand by while the president discussed perfectly ordinary things with a foreign head of state who shared a border with Russia and Vladimir Putin.

Now that foreign head of state is losing his country.  Vindman helped shade Trump straight into impeachment — a political act that destabilized the United States and helped pave the way for sleepy, barely aware, and not-leadership-material Joe Biden to become president.  Biden spent his first year in office making America weaker — economically and militarily.  America barely has a southern border thanks to Biden, but we're being asked to worry about someone else's border half a world away by the same man, thanks in no small part to Col. Vindman.

Ukraine is under invasion from Vlad Putin's Russian military, coming at what Vindman has called his "homeland" from the north, south, and east.  Zelensky is pleading for the world to help save his country from a madman, which raises the most obvious question no one has asked yet.

Where is the great patriot Alexander Vindman?  Can Zelensky count on his compatriot?

You see, Vindman is Ukrainian.  He was born in Kyiv — the city Putin is bombing into submission right now. 

Vindman is quick to point out his military bona fides; he does so in just about every comment he utters on any subject, while taking pains to remind you what a stout patriot he is, and what a good American and Ukrainian he is. 

But now that Ukraine is under massive assault, where is Col. Vindman, hero of Nancy Pelosi's Impeachment Media War?  Can anyone find him?

Is he leading a squad of Ukrainian commandos somewhere on the outskirts of Kyiv?  Is he consulting President Zelenskyy and offering his wisdom to the embattled president in his hour of need?  Maybe he's listening in on Biden's phone calls as our European allies water down the sanctions to be imposed on Russia, and not reporting any of that conversation to his own allies at the DNC.

Where.  Is.  Vindman? 

Vindman was asked three times to be defense minister of Ukraine.  So where is he?

Why haven't we heard from this great and noble man who tried to save the world from American strength, leadership, and energy independence?  Surely his mere presence in Ukraine's capital would steel his people into repelling Putin at every turn.  The world could watch him on a livestream as he takes up a rifle and shouts to Putin in Ukrainian: "Come and take it!"

Col. Vindman, great patriot, cared so much about Ukrainian democracy when it made him an American media darling and gave the Democrats a weapon to knife the president in the back and rip the country in two.  He cared so much about the Ukrainian people that he was willing to go to any length, even lying about the contents of a phone call, to save them from Trump.

Trump never invaded Ukraine.  Putin is invading Ukraine, right now.  Where is Alexander Vindman?

Surely, Col. Vindman could, with his mere steely stare, push Putin right into the Kremlin basement to cower in fear with his nesting dolls.  Why hasn't he?

The hour is grave, Col. Vindman, Great Hero of the Media War against the Monster Trump, and the world needs your bold, decisive courage.  Surely you have more than phone calls to weaponize.  You're practically a superhero, according to the Democrats and Larry David.  Step forward, Great Hero Vindman, and save your people and the free world. 

No?  I guess he found another Democrat, or an abandoned desk in the bowels of the Pentagon thousands of miles from the war, or some consultant cubicle, to hide behind?

Time to stop hiding at the Atlantic Magazine or cable news and get your pear-shaped body moving. 

A.J. Rice is author of the book, The Woking Dead: How Society's Vogue Virus Destroys Our Culture.  He serves as CEO of Publius PR, a premier communications firm in Washington, D.C.

Photo illustration by Monica Showalter based on a PBS video screen shot posted on YouTube, detail, enhanced.

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