What happens when the elites don’t give a f**k

Is your head ready to explode?  Have your friends from the former USSR told you America now feels like the country from which they fled?

Are you asking yourself, repeatedly, what matters in fighting Covid:  mask, or no mask, three jabs, or no jabs, in-person education or distance learning, party time, or isolation?

Have you flown wondering if the guy sitting next to you, who might have (unbelievably) slithered through TSA with an arrest warrant for an ID, is wanted for armed robbery, aggravated assault, rape, murder or, terrorism?

Are you still working while others have resigned or are vacationing on the government’s dime?  

Are you worried where your next roll of paper towels is coming from?  

Did you get infuriated when cities burned, stores were looted, and folks trying to protect their property and their lives were prosecuted while the looters weren’t?

Are you fed up with over-paid spoiled rotten Hollywood types and sports stars who, because they get paid megabucks for scant work or no work at all, think their beliefs are more important than yours?  

Are you gagging at the censorship wrapped in the canard of ‘Covid misinformation”? Have you had it with the cancel culture?

Well, that’s the result when those in power -- in government, in education, in entertainment and, in sports - just don’t give a f**k.*

Yes, that’s not a proper word for “polite society.”  But it is being acted out, and explicitly stated.  Examples abound.  

In government, Vice President Kamala Harris -- the not-serious laughing pantsuit -- has been empowered to solve the invasion on our Southern border.  What has she done?  Since her appointment over ten months ago, she has visited the area exactly once.  Why?   Because the left doesn’t care. They don’t care if kids are killed, or girls are raped, or if killer drugs come across the border.   And if at least 50% of Americans abhor this invasion?  So what!  About sovereignty - and safety, Kamala doesn’t give a f**k. 

Covid has ripped open the teachers’ gluttony and hypocrisy.  Their monolithic response to all criticism: it’s for the children -- has been ripped apart for the lie it has always been.  Their version of what’s good for the children has been distance learning, social isolation, disdain, and attack on concerned parents and the ultimate:  we don’t work for the overtaxed parents who pay for our salaries, benefits, extended holidays, sick leave, and bloated pensions.  Why?  Because they don’t give a f**k about your kid’s academic progress and emotional stability or the money you are forced to fork over, or what you think of their subversive propaganda masquerading as education.  They feel they are insulated from accountability -- and up to now - they have been. 

A second-rate, washed-up actress, Kathy Griffin, drew the attention she craved by holding up a decapitated Hollywood head of President Trump, dripping blood.  She didn’t give a hoot about how his family felt or was affected.  She also didn’t care if her twisted performance became reality.   She just didn’t give a f**k, as she aggressively proclaimed she would never apologize.  

Winter is here, but the primaries are coming.  Let’s hope the voters give a f**k.

Photo credit: Fox News screengrab (cropped)

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