I wouldn't exactly call Biden's oil and gas policies treason

This weekend, I heard Congresswoman Comrade Tlaib's trial balloon that Biden needs to reinstitute (Obama's) restrictions on U.S. oil and gas exports.  As the sheer insanity of that platform permeated my brain, I took a step back and thought about what this past year of Democrat left policy-making has wrought in the energy/financial sector alone.

The phrase cui bono kept coming to mind on a geopolitical scale.  It is certainly the stuff of conspiracy theorists to think that the Democrat left is a wholly owned subsidiary of Moscow/Beijing, Inc., but it is worthwhile to ponder the following:

I. On his very first day in office, Biden issued an executive order killing the American/Canadian Keystone Pipeline, along with other orders restricting drilling, fracking, exporting.  And don't for a second assume that this was Biden's executive order.  You'll be guilty of not seeing the strings, whether from within his administration or without.

A. A lower world supply of fossil fuels immediately causes higher prices for both oil and everything that depends on it — which means everything in America:

1. That includes 50% higher payments to/profits for Russia for its oil/gas than in 2018.  Venezuela and Iran profit as well.

2. Canadian oil now starts moving west to Vancouver and the Far East, not south to U.S. refineries and export terminals.

3. Increased oil prices, combined with the federal government printing money in virtually unlimited quantities, means that crippling inflation returns to the U.S. after a nearly 40-year absence.

Image: Internet meme.  Source unknown.

II. While Biden doesn't want America to have oil, he removed all sanctions on a Russian pipeline to Germany.

A. Western Europe is now dependent on (more expensive) Russian oil and gas — and Western European politics begins to reflect this reality as Germany waves goodbye to Ukraine.

B. Ukraine's geopolitical significance diminishes as the transit point for Russian oil moving west because the Nord Stream II pipeline doesn't need Ukrainian transit.

III. Biden's administration is doing everything possible to spur on the use of battery-operated electric cars and trucks, as well as solar panels in the United States.

A. China — the largest lithium battery manufacturer in the world (and lithium batteries are the lynchpin in the New Green Energy) — benefits immensely.

B. The largest rare-earth mining nations benefit, too.  Included in this list are China and Afghanistan.  You remember Afghanistan.  Biden literally gave away that country, both to the Taliban and to China, just as he was able to use the American government to put Green insanity into high gear.

C. Americans now will be intensively dependent on the electrical grid for transportation — an entity that all of our adversaries have in their crosshairs.

So that's where we are: even as the totalitarians are on the move, Biden's policies have made the West financially poorer, whereas those same totalitarians have their income streams sharply reinvigorated.

I never advance for one second that the Biden family's dealings with China, Ukraine, and Russia have anything to do with what is described here.  Coincidences occur in life and do not equal causal connections.  But as Sherlock Holmes once sagely said, when you eliminate all possibilities, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.  And I find myself wondering more and more: who were those citizens of ancient Troy who argued for bringing that wooden horse inside the city gates?

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