What are Republicans really for?

A recent WSJ op-ed piece was titled "What Are Republicans For?"  This question — "[r]ather than what are they 'against' — rampant crime (mostly in cities), lack of border control/management, progressive giveaway programs, etc." — deserves a simple, direct answer, and none of the party leaders seems to be providing it.

This excerpt from the op-ed captures the essence of Joseph Epstein's piece.  

Joseph Epstein, the author, cites English philosopher Roger Scruton:

"Those tasks that only governments can perform — defense of the realm, the maintenance of law and order, the repair of infrastructure, and the coordination of relief in emergencies — are forced to compete for their budgets with activities that free citizens, left to themselves, might have managed far more efficiently through the association of volunteers, backed up when necessary by private insurance." ... 

Scruton continues, "Conservatism should be a defense of government against its abuse by liberals" ... and closes with "[t]he true message of the Republican Party, then, is not that it is the enemy of government but the advocate of a far better government, one that is both necessary and yet comports with the freedom of the citizens."

I'll paraphrase it more simply: government is intended to serve and work for the people who elect them — not vice versa — to do only those things the people can't do better for themselves.  If that's so, then "what are Republicans for?"

Thirteen points that Republicans are for — or should be.

  1. Freedom and Rights — from excessive regulation, and for following what is stated in the U.S. Constitution
  2. Opportunities — to work and succeed, not to be reliant on government largesse or unearned welfare
  3. Fiscal Responsibility — to reasonably spend within means and limit excessive indebtedness.
  4. Free-Enterprise Capitalism — to create and accumulate wealth, benefit from it, and keep the gains, without excessive taxation
  5. Minimize Government Interference — in American citizens' lives, but including rules and regulations, consistent with maintaining law and order
  6. Responsibly Managed Elections with Secure Voter IDs — to ensure that voting is done only by legally eligible American voters
  7. The "American Dream" of Prosperity — that it is within reach of families at all socioeconomic levels 
  8. A Strong National Defense — to protect America and Americans and our collective and individual welfare and freedoms
  9. Secure Borders and Entry IDs — where coming in illegally is a crime, and entering legally offers a path to citizenship...over time
  10. Good Schools, Public and Private — teaching facts, untainted by political agendas
  11. America-First Foreign Policy — protecting America's economic, social, and human rights, beliefs, and freedoms, via working with allies and without using appeasement
  12. Elected Government of Competent and Qualified People — to lead and manage municipalities, states, and the country by these principles, but term-limited to assure periodic turnover
  13. Elected leaders who can and do speak in understandable, complete sentences — without reading from teleprompters scripts — who "say what they mean and mean what they say," about what and how they intend to do (or not do) things, and are held publicly accountable for what was promised.

This list could be much longer, but if all Republicans would unify behind just these thirteen points, I believe that a majority of Americans would likely concur. 

Let's spread the word and find out!  Then choose and elect leaders who are willing to lead based on them.

Image: hansgklein via Pixabay, Pixabay License.

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