Vicious Democrats pounce on a Republican House member's dyslexia

I'd better open this post by saying that I think Marjorie Taylor Greene is not just intelligent, but also one of the most principled and courageous people in Congress.  America would be a better place if every Republican had her virtues.  Having said that, though, it seems clear that she may suffer from a form of dyslexia, that sees her scramble words that sound similar.  Democrats, rather than acting with the compassion they insist is their monopoly, crudely and cruelly attacked her for this obvious verbal slip.

What happened is simple: while appearing on a news show, Greene scrambled "Gestapo" and "gazpacho."  For people like me — and, apparently, like Greene — the circuits in her brain knew that one of the words was correct and sent the wrong word to her mouth:

As readers of my posts (and those who speak with me) know, I do this all the time.  If words start and end with the same sounds — for example, starting with a hard "G" and ending with a long "o" — I'm going to have a problem distinguishing them.  It gets worse if they have similar internal consonant and vowel sounds (for example, "p" and "a").  I saw myself in Greene when she slipped up and confused "Gestapo" and "Gazpacho."  I also confuse "nebulizer" and "defibrillator," which share "b," "l," and "r," as well as "tea" and "cheese," which both have a long "e" sound.

Despite my word soup problem, I don't consider myself stupid, and, frankly, I don't think anyone else considers me stupid.  People may disagree with me, but they're not going to question my intelligence.

Image: Marjorie Taylor Greene (edited in befunky).  Rumble screen grab.

Yet that's precisely what leftists did when Greene, who quite obviously knows the difference between soup and Nazis, got the words wrong.  Indeed, they did what mean people have always done when someone displays a minor cognitive slip-up: they mocked, insulted, and tried to humiliate her.

Leading the way was AOC, a young woman who, in the past year, has defined herself by her sexual attractiveness (apparently all her opponents either want to date or rape her):

George Takei, whom I remember seeing on TV some years ago blind drunk and absolutely incoherent, chimed in as well:

This next one is especially foul because the Duty to Warn Twitter account claims to represent an "association of mental health professionals."  They, of all people, should both understand the verbal miscue and have compassion for this kind of slip-up.  Of course, they're a leftist group of "mental health professionals" who attacked Trump as mentally unfit without ever having spoken to the man.  In other words, they're not "professionals"; they're quacks.

And then there were the other mockers, with this one being representative:

Greene took it all in stride:

Obviously, this is a little story, but I mention it because it goes to a bigger point: leftists are mean.  They never stop mouthing words such as "love" and "respect," but those aren't values to them; they're simply weapons.  When someone slips up a little, in a way that all thinking people can recognize as a minor brain glitch, they go on the attack in the ugliest possible way.

Having said that, am I going to back off from my critiques about Joe Biden's speaking problems?  No.  His problems are not verbal one-offs that reflect an obvious confusion between similar words or the wrong name from a list of names.  When he makes that kind of mistake, I pretty much leave him alone.  Joe's problems are much more profound because he's frequently completely incoherent.

The two important words in the preceding sentence are "frequently" and "incoherent."  Neither of those is comforting in a man who is ostensibly the leader of the (once) free world.  Both signal a more global cognitive decline, which is newsworthy.  While a forthright, coherent woman's dyslexic moment is not newsworthy, the Democrats' nasty response tells you everything you need to know about them.

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