Ukraine's heroes aren't impressed with doddering Joe Biden

As Ukraine shows the world what heroes look like, and every civilized nation in the world gathers to offer some kind of support -- from prayers, to lit buildings, to demonstrations, to Internet, to arms -- Joe Biden isn't looking too good in this matter.

That's the word of Ukrainian officials who repeatedly signal that Biden doesn't know what he's doing, is slow on the uptake, and not to be trusted.

What a sorry picture from the same country that once seated the great Ronald Reagan and the great Donald Trump in the Oval Office. Ordinarily, people under attack praise America's president to the high heavens.

In Ukraine, though, Biden draws sidelong comments and significant contempt.

Exhibit A is one we heard about yesterday -- that the United States offered Ukraine's embattled President Volodymyr Zelenskyy a safe flight out of the country as Russian missiles rained down. "I need ammunition, not a ride," the Ukrainian president reportedly replied. It had the heroic ring of the Alamo. And no, that offer for an easy way out to the Hero of Kyiv didn't make the U.S. look good. After all, the last embattled leader in a nation being taken over by monsters, the wretched president of Afghanistan -- did take the ride, baggage stuffed with money. Biden, as the father of the Afghanistan disaster, is just reading from his playbook and doesn't seem to realize that not everyone can be bought off. The Ukraine warrior-president had to have known that, too -- and chose the barricades.

Zelenskyy obviously has to be cautious with Biden, of course, because his nation is literally under fire and he needs the U.S. to keep its signed-on-the-dotted-line treaty obligation to Ukraine signed during the Clinton years -- that if Ukraine would give up its nuclear weapons, the U.S. would defend its territorial integrity. Biden, of course, considers that a suggestion, not a contract, and is paying minimal lip service to the idea, deploying some kinds of military aid and money (which could easily land in the pockets of consultants instead of Ukrainians) instead of shutting Russia down and cutting off its oil cash. Slow Joe is now just belatedly jumping onto the European bandwagon and agreeing to some SWIFT restrictions on Russia, which make intra-bank transfers impossible. Bank runs at ATMs are reportedly starting in Russia as a result of that news. About time, and glad it happened.

But for Ukraine, more is better. They needed that a week ago. They have to keep nudging Joe, and it's pretty obvious they don't like it

Cautious as Zelenskyy is, it hasn't stopped him from some veiled digs at the White House, whose occupant is on vacation again.

Yesterday, via Kyiv Independent, RedState and Fox News reported Zelenskyy saying this:

In a statement, Zelenskyy seemed to swipe U.S. President Biden and others who imposed sanctions against Russia, which he claims did little to deter Russian aggression.

“This morning we are defending our state alone. Like yesterday, the world’s most powerful forces are watching from afar,” he said, the Kyiv Independent reported.

He added: “Did yesterday’s sanctions convince Russia? We hear in our sky and see on our earth that this was not enough.”

I can't find the exact link to the Kyiv Independent report cited by both Fox and RedState, but I have no doubt Zelenskyy made the statement.

A search of Biden and Zelenskyy at the site, though, did turn up some ugly-looking headlines in the run-up to the war:

Zelensky responds to Biden: ‘There are no minor incursions’ Jan. 20, 2022

Biden promises Zelensky there will be no agreements about Ukraine behind its back Jan. 3, 2022

US media: Bridget Brink to become ambassador to Ukraine Feb. 1, 2022 (Biden still hasn't picked an ambassador yet?)

It's pretty obvious there's not a lot of trust there with the dotard in D.C. There are repeated examples.

In addition to Zelenskyy, there are leaks from anonymous Ukraine officials worth looking at.

The Daily Wire says they have someone talking to them and he's not subtle:

Speaking on condition of anonymity, an official in the Ukrainian government blasted Joe Biden and Democrats, telling The Daily Wire, “If Democrats weren’t such pussies in foreign policy, this might not have happened.”

Even as the Russian invasion of their neighbor to the west moved into its third day, Ukraine has continued to put up a fight. But according to our source, not only is more support needed, but it should have been forthcoming already.

“The Obama-Biden administration has refused lethal aid to Ukraine for a long time,” the official told The Daily Wire. “It was Trump who was the first to provide some Javelins to Ukraine, then Biden started sending Javelins in mass just before invasion. But too little, too late.”

“Biden’s first step in office was to lift sanctions on Nord Stream 2. Now he applies them heavily. Now it’s too late,” he continued. “If Democrats did not play into the weak policy of not sending weapons to Ukraine and lifting sanctions on Nord Stream 2, Putin would probably think twice or three times.”

“Also, we never understood why would Biden say that no U.S. troops would be involved,” he added. “Even if he did not intend to, why say it when no one asked? At least [he] could have speculated on the possibility to deter an attack.”

What a huge string of errors. This guy, even if he's low-ranking, has to be reflecting the sentiment inside the embattled Ukrainian government. While Ukraine fights alone, Biden dithers and spills battle plans. That's incompetence. There also was a recent report that he's been outright  duplicitous and destructive, having slipped information to China about what Americans knew about Russia's state of readiness as its troops amassed on the Ukraine border, and China handing it over to the Russians. No sense of whom to trust whatsoever -- incompetence stacked on top of active harm.

It says a lot that this much information at this stage is leaching out about the idiocy and blunders of Joe Biden and the heroes of Ukraine aren't happy about it. For ordinary Americans, it's an embarassment: Which side is this clown on. Barack Obama's words about never underestimating Joe Biden's capacity to f--- things up, is remarkably prescient.

When you're on the front lines, these things get obvious. No wonder Ukrainians can't stand this guy. He's one problem after another for them. He's the opposite of what they are. He shouldn't be allowed in a room with them, given his obvious absence of heroism.

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