Trudeau, the media, and minor politicians attack Canada's truckers

Canada's truckers are pushing back against tyrannical COVID restrictions that have made life a misery in that once free nation.  The government will not yield, and the establishment — politicians and their propaganda (i.e., "news") outlets — using both defamatory statements and efforts at physical force to remove the truckers from Ottawa, but the truckers won't go, and the locals seem to be on their side.

One of the things that's not being said about Canada's draconian rules, which have culminated, most recently, in a mandate that anyone entering the country must show proof of vaccination, is that COVID is not a big deal.  Despite the Western world's refusal to allow early treatment for COVID with well known, safe antivirals, the COVID mortality rate for people under 65 is less than 1%.  It would almost certainly be significantly lower if treatments were allowed.

Instead, the world's leaders are doubling down on forcing vaccines onto people and, in Canada, continuing lockdowns and mask mandates.  At this point, these policies have nothing to do with saving lives and everything to do with erasing the last vestiges of liberty in once free countries.  You will obey.

But then there are the Canadian truckers, rugged individualists who resent the fact that they are being denied a livelihood shipping goods between Canada and the United States unless they show an electronic vaccine passport.  The truckers have captured the imagination of those in the world who still value freedom with their 45-mile-long convoy through the country and the huge and rapturous crowds that have met them in Ottawa, Canada's capital.

The multi-vaccinated Canadian prime minister, Justin Trudeau, announced that he could not meet with them because he had COVID.  Think about that: he's forcing on them vaccinations he is proving are useless.  Then he went into hiding in a secret location, afraid of his own citizens.

But from his secret location, Trudeau has vilified the truckers.  The truckers, mind you, are single-issue protesters: stop the COVID madness.  No forced masks, lockdowns, or vaccines.  But look how Trudeau defines them:

He genuinely despises the ordinary middle- and working-class people of the country he leads.

By the way, this is also Trudeau:

He likes blackface.  A lot.

The Globe and Mail, which is Canada's version of CNN, The New York Times, MSNBC, and The WaPo put together, is cranking out defamatory articles.  My favorite is the one entitled "Ottawa police probe desecration of monuments by trucker convoy protests."  Like me, I bet you're thinking of American monuments in the summer of 2020 after BLM was finished with them: covered with spray-painted obscenities, splattered with paint, and often dragged down by a roaring mob.

Image: Terry Fox statue "desecrated." (He does look kind of shocked to be attired in his country's flag.)  YouTube screen grab.

But if you scroll through the article, you'll see one lonely picture of a "desecrated" monument.  It's a sculpture of Terry Fox, a single-leg amputee who ran across Canada in 1980 for cancer awareness.  He is much admired for his courage.  So how did those truckers desecrate this humanitarian's statue?  They draped a Canadian flag around its shoulders, put a hat on its head, tucked a flagpole with an allegedly upside-down flag in the crook of an elbow, and balanced a sign on his chest reading "Mandate Freedom."

Ratcheting its hysteria even higher, The Globe and Mail also said (I kid you not) that people shouldn't be fooled by the fact that the protests are "peaceful."  That's because of their "non-violent dangers."  And what are those dangers?  Racism!  Islamophobia!  The usual.  (Although mysteriously enough, the G&M article has no photos of this overt racism.  I wonder why not...)

And then there's this marvelous video, in which a woman explains what happened when another politico, in this case, the Mayor of Ottawa, tried to have the trucks towed:

What we're seeing in Ottawa is the end of the lie that our politicians are people just like the rest of us.  Well, the fact is that they are like the rest of us: they put their pants on one leg at a time, although I'd say many are dumber than most, although more credentialed.  However, they hold power, and, more importantly, they believe themselves to be superior to the people whose lives they control.  Their fake populism is being exposed, and they're frightened and lashing out. 

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