The hateful hypocrisy of Whoopi Goldberg: The view from Israel

The woman who calls herself Whoopi Goldberg made shockingly insulting remarks about Jews that, under the new rules the left enforces, should have her thrown off her lucrative TV show, as well as off social media platforms.  But instead, she was tamely given a two-week break from The View, a program of small-minded, loud-mouthed women, who raucously slam anything and anybody they hate, particularly Americans who exist to the right of them, which is probably the majority. 

If "misinformation" is the value to which anyone and everyone can be banned from sharing a public opinion, then Goldberg should surely be silenced.  But no. She is being protected by a fortnight of anonymity to allow the storm clouds to blow over. 

Whoopi Goldberg (edited by Andrea Widburg in befunky).  Twitter screen grab.

Even her knee-jerk apology fell flat with her stupid remark that she considers the slaughter of six million Jews by the Nazis to be a sort of squabble among white folk and, therefore, not racist.  This by a woman who once professed to have sympathy for the Jewish people.

Her remarks about Nazis and Jews illustrate just how far down the racist rabbit hole Goldberg has plunged. 

The Nazis destroyed Europe and millions of Jews out of a self-imposed sense of racial purity — a racial purity they set out to impose on the world. 

Black Lives Matter and Critical Race Theory, anyone?

In their march to indoctrinate the world, the Nazis first targeted the groups that stood in their way.  Hence, the Jews had to be removed from society. 

To do this, Jews were held to be enemies of the people.  We sense a similar phenomenon seeping out of the Democrat party, and their supporting media talking heads, against anyone opposing their plan to pervert democracy and control the people forever.

The Nazis' target, the ones who, they claimed, corrupted and ruled the world, were Jews.  Jews were targeted, to adopt the language of today's CRT perpetrators, as being beyond the bounds of their acceptable society.  This is the weaponization of hate now being used by those who actively support anti-white racism.  The words of Goldberg echo this theory.  In her ignorance, Jews are white and therefore must be demeaned, lumped together with white supremacists and even Nazis. 

To enlighten Goldberg and others of her ilk, from a factual Israeli position, the majority of Jews are not white.  They are brown and black Jews escaping to Israel from places in the Middle East and Africa, where, like the Jews of Europe, they were persecuted by people with racial hatred who targeted the Jews out of a perverted sense of moral and ethnic injustice.

If this is really what is in the dark heart of this ignorant woman, she should revoke her adopted name, because no one named Goldberg should ever commit the crime of insulting the memories of long-dead Goldbergs, murdered by a regime built on Critical Race Theory. 

Let her continue spewing hatred at whomever she wants from the public platform of ABC, but she should do it without hypocrisy. 

Let her not be a hypocrite, because, in truth, she has zero Jewish ancestry, and it is viciously wrong of her to pretend to speak in the name of sympathy for the Jewish people.

I suggest that when ABC reinstate her, it do so using her real name — Caryn Johnson. 

She had built a career, and enriched herself, exploiting a false Jewish name to stab Jews in the back. 

Barry Shaw, The View from Israel.

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